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  1. Jennyflower33

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    Just curious, how many people here suffer from hypoglycemia? If so, pls can u answer the following:

    1). Was hypoglycemia your first symptom/or have u had it for years?

    for me i have had it for a couple of years, which makes it miy first symptom.

    2). What are your hypoglycemic symptoms?

    Major faint spells, nausea, shakiness. I am wondering if all my CFS symptoms - flu like feelings, fatigue, muscle weakness, are in fact hypoglycemia or not...

    3). Are you on a special diet for the hypoglycemia?

    I have cut out all sugar, refined foods and alcohol and caffeine - this is still not a strict hypo diet tho.

    4). do u take any supplements?

    Glucobalance (chromium and biotin feature).
    Phosserine complex
    Omega 3 capsules

    It just seems there are a lot of people here with CFS and after research I have seen that hypoglycemia is supposed to cause CFS....

    I have yet to do this...but i may start following a super strict diet and see where that gets me...
  2. Jennyflower33

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    i have never tested for low blood sugar either. That has nothing to do with hypoglycemia, which is why so many docs dont believe in it. With hypo glycemia its not how low your level gets - its the SPEED OF THE DROP. Your blood sugar cud go really high after food and then plummet in a short space of time to a much lower level. Speed of drop in short space of time is what hypoglycemia is. i never knew this until recently after doing of research on it.
  3. Jennyflower33

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    yes thats exactly it - our body has trouble using up the sugar after we have eaten - then because theres so much sugar floating around the pancreas produces too much insulin to compensate, so we get the quick drop in blood sugar. i am wondering whether my muscle weakness is due to sugar not being stored properly in my body too.
  4. Hope4Sofia

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    Hey Jennyflower!

    Yes, I have reactive hypoglycemia and you are right about the speed of the drop. It is actually very challenging to pick it up on a lab because it isn't a constant low BS. I have Picked it up a few times because I tested myself right as I felt the crash happen and my glu was 50 and 60.

    Your questions:

    1). Was hypoglycemia your first symptom/or have u had it for years?

    I can date it back to highschool (89/90) so it was one of my early symptoms - definitely before the pain.

    2). What are your hypoglycemic symptoms?

    Dizziness, sick feeling after eating any sugar, instant fatigue after meals (within about an hour). Just a gross feeling in general.

    3). Are you on a special diet for the hypoglycemia?

    Very limited sugar. High fiber, high protein meals. Small balanced snacks about every 1-2 hours. NO Juice or simple carbs. It makes a difference but I always feel like it's a battle to keep from crashing and I don't always win.

    4). do u take any supplements?

    Yes, a lot. I'm on a short break from them right now since I have to go in to an endocrinologist for more testing and don't want the supps to scew the results.

    I started the supps about a month and a half ago but haven't noticed a huge improvement. I'm not giving up though - these things can take a long time.

    Hope this is helpful!

  5. Jennyflower33

    Jennyflower33 New Member

    yeah the glucose tolerance test. its not worth doing tho. ALl it does is confirm the hypoglycemia. then docs just send u home. why oh why are doctors not taught nutrition in medical school?
  6. Jordane

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    I was dix with hypoglycemia way back in early 20s.Been years. So it was way before the DD.I had the glucose tolerance tests.
    Went to a dietician.Went off surgers,white flour,processed foods.At least back then. I do not follow it like I should.

    And when its bad,I get the shakes,feel faint,sick to my stomack.I have to lie down,or fall down.

    It takes a strong will to follow it.I do not have it anymore.

    Is there a website about it? To get more info?

    Take Care!
  7. Jennyflower33

    Jennyflower33 New Member
  8. Jennyflower33

    Jennyflower33 New Member

    that site is pretty good...but the diets are STRICT. i honestly cant follow it...but if its making me feel this bad..then mayb i will have to...

    Jordane is your hypo still bad then? did it ever go away? is it really bad at the moment?
  9. Cabbie

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    I was dx 25 years ago by my general practioner with a glucose tolerance test. I just got the CFS symptoms of fatigue, weakness, mind fog, 5 years ago. I don't think my hypoglycemia is related to that, because I always keep my hypo under control with diet, but still have the CFS symptoms, especially constant fatigue.

    Hypoglycemia symptoms - when I go more than 3 hours without a proper snack/meal I start to get light-headed, weak dizzy, can't think straight, which keeps getting worse until I eat some protein (not the same as the fibro-fog). If I eat sugar, it takes a day to react-then I get very depressed and can't mentally cope with anything until it wears off after a day or two.

    My diet - No sugar, no alcohol, no white flour or refined foods-only 100% whole wheat bread, brown rice etc. I eat 6 times a day - breakfast as soon as I get up, lunch no later than 1 pm, dinner no later than 6 pm. Snacks mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and before bed. All meals and snacks are a combo of protein and carbs: apple & cheese, yogurt & crackers etc. I try to avoid foods that are high on the glycemic index (you can probably do a search on that). The idea is to keep the blood sugar at an even level - not to let it get too high by eating sugar, because then it will overreact by going too low, and not to let it get too low by skipping meals.

    I don't take supplements for the hypoglycemia. As long as I keep strictly to eating schedule I keep it under control.

    The GP that dx me was helpful with some of these suggestions; the rest I worked out on my own by reading up on it. A good book is "The Low Blood Sugar Handbook" by Edward & Patricia Krimmel, and the companion book "The Low Blood Sugar Cookbook".

    Hope this helps - good luck!


  10. Jennyflower33

    Jennyflower33 New Member

    hey there,

    yeah i have this book! diet is sooooooo strict! did u follow it strictyly at first?
  11. Cabbie

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    Jenny - I don't follow the diet in the book strictly; I use it more for a guide of what to eat or not. My diet evolved gradually over 25 yrs as I saw what helped or hurt me. I've used some of the recipes in the book.

    Lyciumchld - I also had terrible leg cramps as a kid; my mother called them growing pains. Also one summer when I was about 9 I had a low-grade fever all summer, was put in the hospital for tests but they found nothing wrong. Do you think these things are related?

  12. claudiaw

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    I just posted on this, OT: those with hypoglycemia or Diabietes.

    I listed my symptom's. It was my first symptom, then fatigue w/headaches, then muscle pain, tightness.

    Have had hypo in high scholl now that I think about it.

    wow! I'm 38 now.

  13. mainerose

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    i have hypoglycemia and i battle it every day. my blood sugars stay between 56 and 72. i get dizzy, light headed, nausated, and my lips turn blue. i have had it since febuary. the insursce, where i am disabled will not pay for my testing supplies, i was told to try and use real sugar when i can. see i can not tolerate real sugar. it has been like that for most of my life.

    we all seem to find that we suffer so many things..
  14. Smiffy

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    Yes, I'm hypoglycemic too as many fibromyalgics are. I follow a strict low carb diet to control it.

    It's in Dr St Amand's book 'What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia fatigue' & also on his Guaidoc website.
  15. nice2meetu

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    1). Was hypoglycemia your first symptom/or have u had it for years?

    Yes. Long before the pain and other lovely symptoms there was the lows. My Mother also suffers from this. She also suffers terrible pain but Doc won't say its FMS. I was diagnosed with FMS in 2002

    2). What are your hypoglycemic symptoms?

    I get a weird feeling in my head (can't describe), then I get weak, I shake, sweat, sometimes my head hurts, and then I have an overwhelming urge to eat.

    3). Are you on a special diet for the hypoglycemia?

    I was on a strict diet that allowed no sugar, no white carbs, but have went off of it for awhile.

    4). do u take any supplements?

  16. Jennyflower33

    Jennyflower33 New Member

    seems alot of people have hypo?! and that the hypo came first....i wonder if there is a connection between hypo and CFS?
  17. Jennyflower33

    Jennyflower33 New Member

    im sick of being on the hypo makes the whole CFS thing much harder as i have no comfort food! im scared to try a cake or normal food every now and then tho in case it makes the CFS worse? i still wonder if i went on a strict hypo diet maybe that wud get rid of the CFS.....coz the hypo got severe in february..same time as the CFS set in...
  18. puggymom

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    I have had hypoglycemia for years, I was dx'ed after the fibro. My mother who alos had hypoglycemia, is the one that noticed the symptoms. Well she noticed how irritable I would get. I get the lightheadness, headach, lasck of concentration, irritable, shakes. I have noticed that a glass of milk in the morning helps alot.
  19. Hope4Sofia

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    I would like to say the hypo came first because that is at least somewhat controlable - or at least explains why we might be so sick.


    My gut and my doc tells me otherwise. The reason I believe the doc is that I had FM symptoms in childhood too. The intense growing pains, Hypersensitivity to light and sounds, etc.

    I think what ever is wrong with our system may be causing the hypoglycemia. They do seem to go hand in hand quite a bit. But it conrolling the hypo doesn't seem to cure the illness it just lessens one of the symptoms.

    Just some thoughts,

  20. PVLady

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    Did your doctor dx your hypoglycemia? If not why don't you have the tests, then be referred to a nutritionist who can give you a diet to follow, and follow your progress.

    I saw a nutritionist and found it very helpful.

    The good thing about a nutritionist is your insurance covers it and you can see them weekly if needed
    to make sure you overcome problems, etc.

    I think the diet for hypoglycemia is similar to a diabetic diet.