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  1. doxygirl

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    My husband told me that he heard a program on one of the radio talk shows he listens to that those "little savings cards" most of us use can now be USED AGAINST US!!!!

    Like for instance I have a "von's market club card"...but not only does it serve to give me more savings on a lot of things I purchase.... also serves as a "TELL ALL" for lawyers and such!!!!!!!!!!!!!!then my husband said that they were using the example of a couple who were going through a nasty divorce and the husbands lawyer was using the "little savings card" of the mother against her in divorce court proving that she was feeding her children too much junk food and therefore was NOT a fit mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those "little savings cards" keep track of everything we purchase ...and as of right now it keeps the records FOREVER "indefinately"!!!!!!!I guess there is a guy who is trying to change that law for all of us....but as of right now that is how it works folks :)

    This just opened up an entire can of worms in my mind as my husband and I were discussing this.....because that is exactly what those "CONVEINIENT debit/credit cards can do too.....except those cards can see EVERYTHING we purchase.....

    Do any of you agree with me that this is just another way for all of us to be monitored?

    This is so scary...because if it does ever get to the point where we HAVE to use our debit/credit cards for EVERYTHING we purchase we will no longer have any privacy at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't get me wrong...I love my little cards........but now Iam having second thoughts :(

    I have seen those commercials on tv where they say they will round of all purchases on your little "watchdog" cards and put the difference in your account which sounds so appealing .....that is until my husband pointed this out to I can see why ......they want you to use it so much!!!!!!!!!

    Let me know your feelings on this :)

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  2. victoria

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    for us I can't see where it could hurt in the grocery dept, despite the fact I don't like info gathering done on me/us.

    You do know that libraries are supposed to give up that kind of info too... plus bookstores etc... like what happened to our constitutional rights anyway!

    I'd actually hoped that Kroger would at least send me coupons for stuff that I normally buy, but never have yet received any that I'd use except maybe occasionally for dogfood.

    Sort of a scam in that sense... but again, it does make a diff in the final bill which definitely keeps us 'hooked' into using it. Altho I do pay with cash.

    all the best,

  3. fight4acure

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    There is a good purpose for those tracking what we purchase. It saves us from fraud.

    Plus it helps stores know which products are popular. It's great for the businesses. I personally do not care what they see me buying.

    I'd rather they track it than not.

    Lawyers can be nasty, but if the other lawyer is good, they'll really dig into them with other things.

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  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member must have been a fly on our wall. I was rearranging all those darn key cards on the keyrings just yesterday and we were talking about why they were needed as every large store now has them.

    We actually discussed the ethics of whether it was even legal to charge me, with the card (I did not join a club, it is not private membership)$3.00 for the Bryers and the woman behind me with no card, $5.98. Is this actually contravening the fair trading act?

    Of course the store would argue that the woman had every opportunity to buy a card and enjoy the discounts (in the same way I could clip coupons) but is that the point?

    These cards are little spies, that DO record everything we do. I recall a few years back, they had hired itinerent labor to enroll people in a DIY store. They wanted my name, birthdate, SS number and a copy of a check as well as my address, etc. So they were asking me to give that whole identity to a complete stranger who was only employed for the day!!!

    I think the laws have changed now so they cannot demand an SS number, but I am not sure.

    Also debit cards you swipe at the checkout show the government and numerous others what your spending was and also a lot of banks charge for each use. Better to use cash and to tell the clerk you forgot your card, can she use the store card for you.

    Better still have an honest store that just has you pay what is listed and leave it at that, like it used to be.

    Great point-I would add Everyone needs to read on your title.


  5. Jana1

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    What little cards are you talking about?

    I don't know what a debit card is either, not really, but I know they alwasysask me at the checkout when I swipe my card if it is credit or debit. Mine is a credit card, I don't have a debit one or know what it does.

    These little cards and the debit cards are the same thing? I am sorry, but I live in a small town and even tho we travel a lot I still don't know what you mean.

  6. Cromwell

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    Instead of using checks you can use a bank issued debit card and you can pay credit or debit on it. If you pay debit on it, a lot of banks will charge you.

    The little cards are the store cards that we are pretty well forced to buy to get discounted goods at the large supermarts. So if pies were advertised at say, $4.00 (with card) without the card they would be maybe $6.00.

    With or without cards, the cash registers track for restocking automatically, all the cards do is track what WE as individuals are buying and I disagree that they are good for us. They are intended as pull ins to have us use a particular store over another. But we all end up with many cards and flit from store to store for the specials usually.


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  7. Jana1

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    I appreciate the two stores they ask my telephone number and give me a discount. I think this is the same thing without a card....Jana1
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  8. lgp

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    is being tracked about all of us. Have you ever plugged your own name into one of those 'People Searches' and so much info about you, your age, address, etc. pop up. This recently prompted my husband and me to run credit reports on ourselves,just to be safe. I purchased the domain for my name (married and maiden), and my three children's names as well--it was really cheap, about $6 each per year.

    Recently, I went to get a courtesy card at a chain store and they wanted my driver's license, social security number, and a major credit card on file. I objected, telling the Manager (who didn't look like too much of a rocket scientist himself) that they were asking for was way too much personal information--I'd rather pay full price--no even better, I'll go someplace else, thank you very much. And I did.

    What you can do in some of the supermarkets is tell them you forgot your card. Alot of them put one through for you anyway--it just doesn't get applied to your year-to-date savings. If that's not important to you, have the store put the card through for you.

    How about the stores that ask you for your email address--"FOR COUPONS" EVERY time you make a purchase, even though you've given it to them 5000 times!!! To me that's almost as irritating as the doctor's offices that ask you to fill out brand new paperwork EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU GO THERE!!! You can object, and say "I just filled this out three weeks ago," but they want it again. I filled out paperwork in a new doctor's office not too long ago, and I left the space asking for my social security number blank, as is my habit since my hubby is the insured, they do not need my number. The woman behind the desk objected, but I stood my ground with her and I prevailed.

    BTW, for anyone going on a job interview, when you fill out the job application and they ask for your social security number, write 'PROVIDED UPON EMPLOYMENT.' This way, if you don't get the job, your personal info isn't floating around in somebody's desk, leaving you open to potential identity theft.

    The fact that grocery stores track what I buy doesn't really bother me. However, in the case that you cited about the husband claiming that the kids were being fed junk food, you have to wonder how deep people will dig to hurt each other. Food for thought--no pun intended.

  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    ...that we all know how health insurers try and get information to cancel policies, well I wonder if they are ever sold information on stuff you buy.

    I am not a smoker but I know some here are, say you buy your cigarettes and the you have told the Health insurers you do not smoke?

    In this month's AARP magazine, there is an article about a 51 year old woman who had cancer and half way through her treatment the Health Insurance cancelled her policy saying that she lied about her weight (it was like a 20lb difference) on her initial policy with them. In fact she actually had not lied, the person who took her details had filled them in wrongly. Now she was not grossly overweight or anything, it was something like 165lbs written and actual was 185lbs.,(from more recent hospital records) it was just that the insurers were searching for any reason to stop payments on her expensive cancer treatments and that was "the best they could muster." Also, what happens to those of us who just gain weight from that initial filing?

    She fought them and won eventually, but she had to deal with that when she was so ill! Shame on them!

    So watch out anyone who does not mind people knowing what you buy, you never know whose hands it will fall into, and how they can use it for their own purposes.

    I never heard of an insurance company contacting me and offering to reduce premiums as they noted I had lost weight or always bought really healthy food!!!

    You can bet someone not really with FM etc. is reading all we write here, this is why never post your email on the boards.

  10. doxygirl

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    You all are great!

    Ya know i have had that same feeling and question.....about people who LURK here for reason other than because they have dd!

    And Iam sure that card being used against the mother for purchasing too much junk food for her kids is just the tip of the iceberg of ways that those nice little cards are being used to "track us"!

    I never even gave much thought about the ins co checking into these "little" cards...hmmmmmm I think I will start shopping where we do not use these cards ...and even the ones that have them I will no longer be "tracked" by using mine!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. findmind

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    Great post, doxy!

    Little by little, freedoms and privacy are being eroded by those who would like control over us.

    Be very careful.

  12. therealmadscientist

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    Just lazyiness I guess, but I never have filled out application for my own supermaket club card. I asked a motel owner where I once stayed if I could use his telephone number/card. He said OK, and my purchases have all gone on his phone number/card for the last few years.
    I guess he gets credits for all my purchases.

    Poor devil may have some explaining to do someday:)

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  13. momof471

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    I've been watching this for a few years now, its all leading up to a way to track every thing we do. The gov't has a new identification card that they are wanting to start, I don't know if I'm allowed to say the name here.

    Then there is the talk of implannting microchips in our cards.

    Makes one think.

    God BLess
  14. Doober

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    stores that always ask for your phone numbers drive me crazy.

    The first few times I did this and it took longer to check out because I had to say my number a few times because the person was not really paying attention to me.

    Now when I go to a store and they ask me, I simply tell them "You don't need it for me to buy these things". Or I would say, "I gave it the last time I shopped here and it hasn't changed since then"

    I actually got someone once that got snippy with me, Telling me that the register needed it for me to check out. Yeah, ok. I told her to either use her's or make one up.

    The funny thing about that time is that I heard the woman behind me in line tell the cashier that she wasn't giving her number either....LOL
  15. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    your post makes me laugh!:)

    Iam going to do just what you do from now on....they do not need my phone number.....nor are they going to get it from me ! :)

    I also agree that we should just use errneous information unless it is something where it is illegal then there is not reason to spread our private info around !

    Thankyou :)