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  1. Echos

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    Good Friday Morning to everyone. It is Friday I think.
    I am in need of some opinions here. I have a 5 years old granddaughter that is with me 25 days out of every month. Her mother called me last night and said that she is taking long term anti-biotics because she has tested positive for TB, and her x-rays came back with active TB, as did an Uncle that lives at her mothers home. Should I get tested for this or should on not worry and let it fly? I'm frustrated because I told her mother 5 months ago that her TB test came back positive and I thought they had taken her in but instead chose to ignore it. Now it has became active. My concern is because I wake every morning coughing my head off, for hours. I thought maybe I had one of many viruses that I always get that never seems to go away. I have had this coughing and lung congestion sometimes with kidney pain for about 4 1/2 months now. I have other symptoms, but just blew it off as one of many of the cfids or fibro. Am I panicing for nothing, or do you think I should be tested for this? Your opinions are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks to all of you wonderful people.
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    These new strains of TB are nothing to mess around with. They are antibiotic resistant in many cases. I can tell you from experience that having a stealth infection is no fun at all.

    Not only did this child's mother put her daughter at great risk, she also put you at great risk and who knows who else as well.

    I have you in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was truly afraid, because everytime I asked if they had taken her in, they beat around the bush with me. I have a doctors appointment on the 26th with the new doc I found and I will request the test. I am sad for my granddaughter and worry for myself and others in my home. I take care of my mother and have her living her as well. She is quite ill herself. No one else show's symptoms of this so far but myself. I kept thinking the kidney pain would eventually subside because all my test kept coming back normal for any type of kidney or bladder infection. But the pain gets to the point that it brings me to tears. My last doctor kept telling me that I only think the pain is there. And this constant coughing and congestion for months. It will not go away no matter what I do. I keep getting put on Zithromax without any results. I worry for all those that this woman has put at risk and don't even know it. Now my granddaughter (WinterRose) is now suffering from her mother's negligence. How angry does that make a person? My poor baby. Thank you all for your responses. I won't mess around with this and get the test. I'll let all of you know what it comes back as.