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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sandyblue, Aug 9, 2006.

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    I'm hoping that someone here can help me to figure something out, actually it is 2 questions that I have. I have taken an anti-drug (illegal, that is) position all my life. I'm an ex FireFighter/EMT and have taken many medical classes both in nursing and emergency medicine. I cant tell you how helpful it has been for me and my medical problems but none of my experience has prepared me for what has been going on with me this past year.
    First, I have been going to a pain clinic for over a year now. I had to change to a new one a month ago over this and also the death of a friend that overdosed on her pain meds that went there. For some reason I am testing possitive for methadone almost every time they do a wiz quiz (urine sample) on me. It has caused me a great deal of trouble keeping a pain specialist and nobody knows why I am testing for this drug. I have brung all of my meds into their office to see if it could be that. I have even brought in my vitamins as well. Here I am about to lose a very good pain Doctor for something that I am not doing. Has anyone on this message board had or know someone who has had this problem?
    Secondly, since May of this year I have been having these "spells" of a burning sensation on my face and arms about every 3 weeks. I've had a nuerologist tell me that it is some sort of panic or anxiety attack. I've had those attacks in the past and have never had this symtom...ever! I am frightened for my health and well being over this and am trying to find out what it is. I am hoping that it is not something to do with why I have been testing possitive for methadone, but it is strange that both are happening to me at the same time in my life. Could this be a new symtom of my Fibromyalgia? I have noticed that my FMS has become worse over the past year as well.
    Please if anyone could help me with any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem to be. I am at my witts end and am beginning to think that I'm going crazy.
    Thank you all for taking the time to read this and give input.
    God bless.
    sandy in phx.
  2. Slangx

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    When my fibro is flaring, I do get a feeling of burning. It can happen in 2 different ways with me:

    1. the burning feels like it's "inside" my muscles or something like that.


    2. sometimes my actual skin hurts - feels like a sunburn, and is painful to touch.

    I think I once figured out that one (or both?) kinds of burning could be nerve pain. And that, nerve pain does not respond to the regular types of pain relief that we might be using. I did get a new prescription one time that was made for nerve pain (but I can't remember what it was called!).

    So, maybe you are having nerve pain?

    I have no idea about the methadone thing though. There are methadone clinics around...maybe you could call & ask if they know of anything that gives a false positive similar to methadone? I live in AZ, and I know there's a clinic in Tempe...around Broadway & Rural (give or take a couple streets either direction...but it's in that general area). (I don't personally use methadone, but I have seen the clinic while driving by, I just don't recall exactly which street it was on).


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    One time I had a urine drug screen and I tested positive for meth. (speed) The doctor confronted me and wouldnt believe me. The tests they do in the office are rapid tests and only 90% accurate. Meaning 1 out of 10 are gettig a false something. If that happens then there suppose to send the samew urine off to a lavb. Where its done with some kind of gases. 100% accurate. Unless mix up of urine. Are they doing that for you?

    Believe me I know the horror of being accused. I left that doctor. Thank God. And 6 mo. later his license was pulled. I do wonder why
  4. netnut

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    my take on this would be to call a lab and ask them what methadone breaks down into when it is tested and if there are any other pain meds that break down the same way.

    There is another post on the board now that is of a similar vein but something isnt showing up that should. In that post, it was pointed out that vicodin shows up as codone and morhphone I believe. Even something as innocuous as using a vicks nasal inhaler could cause a positive reading for methamphetine.

    Considering that methadone is a synthetic opiate agonist, I would think that there would be other meds that break down similarly.
  5. sandyblue

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    thanks for the info. It makes sense that the burning sensation that I get (sunburn by the way) would be in the nerves. I have made an appt with a new Nuero here in Phx and am hoping that he will know. I have become afraid because of my heart trouble and the fact that my Dad had problems with strokes and I was worried that I inherited them. I have so many illnesses that I have to look out for that I feel sometimes like I'm a hypochondriac. I could only dream that it would be that simple, haha!
    As for the other, I have called a couple of those methadone testing clinics and they thought I was nutz, well, at least that is what it seemed like. But no-one seemed to have an answer for me. So I have decided to go to the horses mouth and call the laboratory that did the test to begin with. It looks like they are going to use an even better test to re-test my specemine. I hope it was the test. I'd hate to believe that that crap is somehow getting into my system, with the amount of meds I'm on it could hurt me bad.
    Thanks for the help.
  6. sandyblue

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    The scary part is that this test was done by a lab and wasnt the "dip" test like they do in the offices. But I have called the lab and they are going to re-test since they keep the specimen for 60 days. I sure hope it proves to be an error.
    I may have to change my pain clinic again if this keeps happening and I already had to do that once for the same junk. Maybe I matobolize something that comes out that way, I don't know. I guess I'll see.
    But, yes, it is horrifying when they accuse you of doing something that you know you aren't doing. Has our society come to this point that in order to find the ones that are doing it, we have to put the innocent people through this?
    Take care and God bless.
  7. sandyblue

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    Could you tell me where you got that information. I'd like to quote it and where it came from to my Doctor on my next visit. They actually told me that if the urine test they took on me yesterday comes out the same they are going to drop me. This is such a nightmare! To threaten to take from me the only thing that gets me out of bed and keeps me sane and not going crazy over the pain is mean and cruel punishment!
    I guess I'll have to dig up all the information I can and then hand it to God as well and hope for the best. All I know is I plan on coming into the next appt armed with statements from my pharmacist, research I get from the net and whatever I can get from the Lab themselves that did the test and bombard my pain doc with it all! That'll teach her to not accuse people without all the info!!!
  8. kjfms

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    here are a few sites:

    Good luck,

    Karen :)

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