Important question for those taking SSRIs

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shoobie, Oct 23, 2002.

  1. Shoobie

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    Is anybody on more than 1 SSRI? This would include Celexa, Paxil, Prozac, Luvox, Zoloft, and Effexor.

  2. Shoobie

    Shoobie New Member

    Is anybody on more than 1 SSRI? This would include Celexa, Paxil, Prozac, Luvox, Zoloft, and Effexor.

  3. Shoobie

    Shoobie New Member

    Thanks for bumping that other post! I did do a search for Effexor but didn't quite come up with the results I was looking for.

    My rheumy prescribed me Effexor yesterday. I asked him 3 times if it was OK to take in conjuction with Zoloft. He assured me it was OK.

    When I told my husband last night he freaked out. He is concerned about Serotonin Syndrome. We did a bunch of research last night and all we read was NOT to take two SSRIs at the same time. In fact, some people can develop Serotonin Syndrome just being on 1 SSRI if it's too much for their body to handle.

  4. Shoobie

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    Yes, our posting must have crossed paths! :)

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    but have been for 2 years. It has been increased a couple of times over this period from 50mg to 100 to 150 which I currently am at. I have heard many conflicting stories saying things like zoloft is one of the drugs that can be cut in half and still have the same effectiveness. I also have heard that being on it for any length of time can actually contribute to the depression and or fatigue. I know that it does not seem to help as much as it used to. It is like I am having breakthru depression. Going to the doc again to demand something be done. I can't continue to hurt like this and be dpressed and such. I told them 3 weeks ago I think I have CFS, gave them a list of symptoms a mile long. Cried everyday since then, tired of waiting on bloodwork, so my hubby is going to go with me and be my "guns". Maybe he can get someone to listen or speed up the process or something.
  6. Frecs

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    I'm on Zoloft for clinical depression & panic attacks. My Rheumy said he often will perscribe MOAIs to help with sleep. But, because MOAIs and SSRIs do different things in the brain, he doesn't like to mix them. Not that it can't be done but it's a very delicate thing. I told him I didn't want to mix the two medications. I'm happy with what Zoloft has done for me, I don't want to go messing that up!

    I think it comes down to, do you trust your Rheumy? do you have a good working relationship with him/her? talk to him/her about your and your husband's concerns.
  7. Jan39

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    Hi Shoobie,
    I think people who posted back to you think that im taking two SSRIs,Im only taking one (cipralex) the other one is trimipramine (trycylic) different type of anti-depressant which works on a different set of neuros designed to help the sleep pattern,I do understand everyones concern about SS.I will keep you posted on improvements wishes to everyone Jan
  8. nancyneptune

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    MAN, don't even think about taking an MAOI and a SSRI. They don't mix! Not even delicately!! no no no. Read the literature on MAOI's, they are very adamant. You got to be off of MAOI's for at least 2 weeks b4 you try SSRI's. Longer is better. whew, hugs N
  9. Mikie

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    Our members come to the rescue. Thanks to all who responded before a potential problem emerged. We are not trying to give medical advice here, just trying to ensure that everyone knows that we have to become educated about whatever treatments we are using. Not all docs are competent to prescribe heavy-duty meds which affect our brains and central nervous systems.

    Love, Mikie