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    Important Question 03/05/03 05:19 PM

    I have a friend, yes I do have a friend, anyway she has IC
    (Interstitalcystitis) it has to do with the bladder. She 's had a very long time, but is now having different problems.
    she wants to know if any of you have this or know about it.
    She a DMSO treatmaent acouple of months ago.
    well about 5wks now she has been haveing trouble peeing she takes in a lot. i told her to measure intake out take she is swelling.
    the docs are stumped. she has to really strain to even dripple. and noe it is starting to hurt. she does not have kidney or bladder infection. she's been to alot of docs. and she has not started any new meds. some anti-depreessents do that.

    any help or info would be greatly aprreciated. this is a very precious lady.
    thanks kathyre

  2. Shirl

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    I can't help you, so am replying as your post went to the second page.

    I sure hope someone is able to help you for your friend. That sounds so strange.

    If you don't mind, I will say prayer for her.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Am not sure what the treatment was that you referred to & you did not say if she has been to a urologist yet? I understand that we can have kidney stones that block the flow or we can have pylops or cysts that block the flow as well. I have a friend that had this problem & they had to thread something into her urethra to test the flow - has she had a test like that? My friend's problem turned out to be a dropped uterus that made her bladder get squished almost flat. Hope your friend finds an answer soon!
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    Has she seen a Nephrologist? (Kidney specialist)
    I have had two friends who have had swelling and inability to pee.
    In the first case, it turned out to be kidney failure due to undiagnosed Lupus. She was hospitalized for 2 months.
    In the second case, it turned out to be kidney failure for unknown reasons. She was hospitalized for a month,and has been taking diurectics on and off ever since.
    This sounds like it needs to be taken seriously, and soon. If her doctor is not aggresively seeking the cause, I would seek another opinion.
    Bless you for trying to help her.

    P.S. You might want to edit this post and address the title to Madwolf, since he is our most knowledgeable person with regard to general medicine.

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    I can sympothize with your friend. I too have been through this. However mine was caused from a botched epideral injection. The first few days after no matter how hard i strained i would only tinkle. But then it reversed on me and I had urge incontinence. Not to the point where i pee my pants but when i got to go I got to go. Now it goes back and forth on me.
    Anyways, I went through urodymanics twice, it kind of sucks but i did it anyways. What they discovered is that I had lost bladder muscle funtion. I was using abdomin muscles instead of bladder muscles to urinate. Therefore i could not empty my bladder. I honestly would suggest finding a very good Urologist and be sure they do the Urodynamics. what it is is a machine she is hooked to so they can figure out her bladder function. I wish her luck and I hope they can figure it out. i still struggle with this and it is no fun.
    You are a great friend to care so much about her, hats off to you.
    Takke care,