Important-thyroid check-ups

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    I've had a low thyroid condition for many years.Tests always cme back low-normal,but I knew I needed more thyroid. then 3 years ago I developed a mutinodular goiter.It just looked like a lump next to my throat.Tests still came back low-normal.At night I had a sore throat and felt like someone was cokeing me.Dr. said it was alright but I could see a endocrinologist.He said these are fairly commomn-blah ,blah ,blah.I stayed on my normal dose of thyroid like I was suppose to.This year I went to my regular Dr. and mentioned that the goiter felt diffrent,one side was more swollen, and the other side felt harder,so he odered a biohopcy.they found cancer,it is very curable if you take care of it early.Fourtuanly it was third stage but its gone! if I waited longer it wouldn't be.My point is, ask for a biopsy if you have any growth's ,goiter,or changes,keep checking your neck and thyroid doses,I know many of us have this conditions,no cancer is to small.Love all,hotfoot
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