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    There has been a few very noticeable improvements in my health since I started taking Isocort (cortisol 2.5 mg per tablet). Isocort is a supplement available online. I started taking Isocort a month ago (6-8 a day) and these symptoms improved very quickly....

    My irritable bowel syndrome is about 75% improved from the second or third day after I started the Isocort. I used to have a flare once or twice a week, but have not had one since I started the Isocort a month ago.

    My anxiety and anxiety attacks have lessened significantly, at least 50%. Also my depression has very noticeably lessened, I laugh more often and more easily.

    It seems very clear to me now that adrenal fatigue, for me, is a big part of healing and it may be for others as well. I am nowhere near 100%, but my health is definitely improving! Best of luck-Jim
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    I'm so glad to hear this! I know you've been working really hard on your health. Adrenals were a huge issue for me, but my cortisol was high rather than low, but adrenals were still quite weak. Drenatrophin and Drenamin by Standard Process, adenal glandulars, were what helped me the most, as well as pantothenic acid.

    Anyways, this is great news! I hope your progress continues -

  3. ljimbo42

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    I just got an order that I placed a few days ago for adrenal glandular. If it helps I will probably order a standardized extract like Drenatrophin or Drenamin.

    I looked them up online and they sound like great supplements. The "PMG" process of extraction for the Drenatrophin and Drenamin I found really interesting.

    I am also taking 1000-1500mg a day of pantothenic acid and a lot of vitamin c.

    Are your cortisol levels always high, or just at night? Thanks again-Jim
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    It's been several years since my cortisol levels were tested. At that time, my cortisol levels were high at night, causing severe middle of the night insomnia. I took Seriphos (phosphorylated serine, non-prescription) and it helped almost immediately to bring them down and normalize them, and started sleeping better.

    I don't remember what my levels were in the morning, but hte worst problem I had was the insomnia.

    My friend has low cortisol in the morning and has a really hard time getting going, and I think she was taking an adrenal glandular for that as well. I think she also tried the Isocort but it didn't help much.

    I think my cortisol levels now are pretty good, maybe still a little high at night - I take a low dose of Seriphos now. And a low dose of Drenamin, and 500 mg. of pantothenic and lots of C.

    You might want to look into a chiropractor who does muscle testing. That's how I found out that my adrenals were wiped out many years ago, and he's the one who got me started on Drenatrophin - it was a godsend. Anyways, the muscle testing indicated what I needed and how much, it was really accurate. You can call chiros in the phone book and just ask if they do this, and you can also go to the Standard Process website (the company that makes Drenamin and Drenatrohpin) and call customer service and they will give you the names of practitioners in your area who use their supplements and thus do muscle testing. It helped me with severeal different issues, not just adrenals.

    Well, good luck with everything!

    Best wishes,


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