Imunovir contact info for Dr. Cheney's patients please assist

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    I'm posting contact info twice. Please bump Dove 1's Imunovir post for the benefit of Dr. Cheneys patients.
    Isoprinosine® is widely available in Europe and Canada as a prescription medication.
    For ordering and medical information in the United states and Canada Contact Rivex Pharma:
    Rivex Pharma Inc
    3-305 Industrial Parkway South
    Aurora, Ontario L4G6x7
    Mr. Bill Chick, VP sales and marketing
    (905) 841-2300
    (905) 842-2244
    Telephone: 800-784-0975 ext.242

    Tell Bill Chick that Anne Pat... referred you.

    Please also read/print my other post(S)-re. KU
    Thanks, annepat
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    Shalom, Shirl
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    Thanks for the info.