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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ladybugmandy, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. ladybugmandy

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    hi all. i am wondering if anyone out there knows the best dose of immunovir to take for CFS.

  2. cfs since 1998

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    Dr. Klimas did a clinical trial with it on her patients and presented the results at a conference but it is not published. I tried emailing her for the protocol and results but she didn't answer. Maybe since you've emailed her in the past you'd have better luck? Someone posted anonymously a comment on my blog that she uses 6 tablets a day one week alternating with 3 tablets a day the next week for six months, with none on the weekend. That amount is divided into three doses per day. Cheney's dosing from about 6 years ago is similar, it was 6/day one week, 2/day the next week, none on weekends, for 8 weeks with a 4 week break. I think I like Dr. Klimas's better because I think taking such a long break of 4 weeks without it would seem erase any gain you've made in the preceding 8 weeks. I also don't know what she wants you to do after the 6 months, which was the duration of the trial. I guess just keep taking it on a continuing basis?
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  3. Bunchy

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    I tried this many years ago - I can't remember the dosage to be honest but I do remember you are supposed to "pulse" it - ie take it for a few weeks, stop for a while and then restart.

    I hope someone else can help further.

    Love Bunchy x

    PS I got some short term benefits from it but they didn't last for me at that time. I may retry it now that I am in a more stable phase now though - thanks for reminding me about this med!

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