In A Flare AGAIN...

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  1. KewlJewLs

    KewlJewLs New Member

    Hi there,

    I know that this title has been posted a million quazillion times LOL however I am stuck in vivacious circle and need some suggestions please!!!!

    First of I rarely post, but read as often as I can. (Unfortunately with all the scamming posts going on lately I ave honestly just stayed away from awhile ;(

    None the less, I am the classic, FM/CFS/IBS-c/IC/vulvadynia patient, tried it all. From the latest medications through my Dr's advice, normalizing my thyroid, taking as many supplements as my tummy will allow, I have changed diet several times, adjusted sleep patterns, and sleep meds. and again to no avail.

    The Key for me, as my wonderful husband and I have found is BALANCE..sleep, food, Stress and exercise. But as we all know our daily lives rarely hit perfect harmony and so I am always chasing my tail in 1 direction or another LOL!

    The latest is; In May/09 this yr, my I was in a major flare mainly due to stress, tried to decompress, girls day at the spa, blah blah...he finally put my on 1 week does of Medrol (prednisone) I felt my LIFE was just the way I wanted it!!! In fact, with Pred. I over did it..went dancing, shopping, talked with friends on the phone, cooked, know the pred drill of energy...once off I honestly didn't crash,,,I was GOOD Finally!! In the midst of feeling so well I decided to go back for my AA in Psychology online( I am on Disability since 2001 can't be full time hairstylist anymore)..Silly me,,,I honestly thought I could set the world on fire...singed up...and Woohhooo Away I went..And like most of us, I am a "Full speed ahead girl" very into what I am naturally I forgot to eat right, sleep right and balance my I CRASHED BAD!!!

    So back to the Dr I go,,he puts me on a stronger doe of medrol for 2 weeks,,,I Am Feeling good, but it took like 5 days to actually be able to function again...but then...look out. I dropped school ;( but wanted to I took on a "friendship psychology" meaning I would emails my friends on how their lives were going and then help them through their tough times.....I have 4 that still call me on a regular basis of course we are friends..but I am kind of like a "dear Abby chic", one night in the middle of the pred.. treatment we went dancing,,(my Fav form of exercise) and within 2 after treatment I WAS down again.

    Suffered all through know did the rest thing...not much else...didn't help...finally went back to Dr July 30 asked for 1 more try on Medrol (pred) for 2 weeks, my daughter and GF came out here (SoCal) to visit..we laid low, but did do the Hollywood/beach thing..cooked, visited friends..did well naturally on Pred. I finished that 2 week pack last its been 1 week and 2 days...and I am now in another full blown FLARE!!

    I obviously see my question do I avoid the flares but try to live have way normal....I am so sick of my couch..missing summer..hurting everywhere, I have all 18 tender points..and the 2 tp at the front of my head in between the eye brows...I am tired of this.....

    ANY Advice??!!!!!!!!

  2. Janalynn

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    It sounds like you have definitely done everything you can to find balance in your life! I commend you for being so diligent.

    Truthfully, I don't know if we can always control our "flares", mine come out of nowhere it seems. I do know that stress (for me) plays a huge part, but even when I seem like everything in my mind is put on the back burner, my pain is still as bad.

    During these awful flares you're having, I'd say to keep up with your regimine, take extra care of yourself, pamper etc.

    Boy did I smile, when you mentioned time on the couch, missing summer etc. THAT is exactly how I feel. Once again, that is where I am. I told myself and my husband that we'd get back in our summer ritual - enjoying a nice walk along our bike path (recognizing that I needed the exercise) reading on our front porch, going to things around town etc. Haven't done any of it. By the time I get home from work - forget it. I am WIPED out, sometimes to the point of tears because I am so sick of it.

    Then - sometimes I have these good days. I think the hard part of FM is exactly what you're describing....out of the blue our bodies suffer. Those times are when we need to accept, take EXTRA care of ourselves, rest more, do what we can to relieve our pain.

    I wish I had more advice on how to prevent flares, but I really don't know. I think if there were a concrete answer - we'd all be able to avoid them.

  3. astroherb

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    Hello Stacey,

    I understand completely about the flares. I have finally found a treatment program that seems to be working, but for over a year, I would work all week, keep the house up as best I could and spend all weekend it bed.

    Something that helped me train myself to back off a little from overdoing, was an affirmation tape put out by Belleruth Naperstek. Her tapes stress not doing everything that we think we need to do and to take loving care of yourself. It took a couple of months for it to sink into my thick skull, but I finally did start to tell people "no" more. I quit going to church every Sunday. I realized that to sit there in total fatigue and pain was not the right thing to do. etc., etc.

    If you like that sort of thing it is quite inexpensive, around 12.00 for a downloaded mps file. If that isn't your cup of tea, just learn to check in with your body before you say yes to anyting.

    I will be pulling for you to feel better.


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