In a Flare and have a question

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  1. ksp56

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    In a flare period after 2 1/2 weeks of pushing this old body.....not unlike this Old House with all of it creaks and needed repair work!

    I was taking a hot shower today and tried to think of what this feels like. I came up with, it feels as if I am in one of those torture racks I've seen in movies, etc. Also, that my body is like the mass of rubber bands you used to find if you cut open a golf ball. All wound together in a very tight space! This is one of those times when absolutely nothing seems to help much. I'm hanging in a praying for a better tomorrow! Guess I'll keep doing relaxation exercises and hope I win out over the 'bad guys'!

    Interested in what you imagine your pain being similar to!

    Here's to a less painful day/evening for us all!

    Hugs...Gentle of course!


  2. ksp56

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    Thanks for sharing with me, how you feel. What great descriptions of this DD!! It made me laugh, even if it is at our expense!!!!!!


  3. ranger

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    I posted earlier this week about being in a neverending flare. I always tell my hubby that I feel like Gumby too, because I'm stiff and can bend with what feels like hard rubber, not moveable muscles. Strange way to describe it, I know. The fog does make you come up with these descriptions..,like when you were ill as a kid. I hate for this feeling to be every single day lately. I want to go back to regular feeling lousy,instead of THIS. I keep thinking if I could go in the hospital, just to recover a little bit,I'd make it...but what insurance is going to pay for that? I'm squeaking by. I should have named myself Gumby on here, except I didn't think of it. Probably taken. It's like I fell off a cliff.
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    I have just discovered this board and could not resist responding to these posts. Several of the posts really made me laugh and I needed those chuckles. It is said that laughing increases endorphins so that's a good thing, right???!!!

    I have been officially diagnosed with fms/chronic fatigue for almost seven years. It has definitely been a journey--more like a "hard row to hoe" for me. I just hit the big 5-0 and I am still trying to work with 3 and 4 year high risk children. Now I am working through the decision-making process to consider my second medical leave due to a major flare.

    Also, my 17 year old son is struggling w/ many similiar symptons and I am anxiously awaiting for his first appt. w/ a rheumatologist to see if fms/chronic fatigue may be a possible diagnosis for him. Ashtan has been in a major pain cycle w/ acute and chronic pain for about 3 months. We are both hoping to transition back to work/school.

    My first visualization when the initial acute neck/shoulders/back pain was first experienced was "like there were two cinderblocks on my shoulders w/ elephants sitting on top of the cinderblocks!" I truly enjoyed reading your interpetations of the pain and fatigue.

    Many warm thanks for all of you for your posts! It's the first time in a long while since I read something funny re real-life issues w/fms and just knowing that there are others who share in the suffering is comforting and reaffirming! Blessings to each of you!

  5. ksp56

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    Hi Denise! I am so happy you found us! If you've gotta dance with this DD, you might as well do it with a great support system!

    Loved your analogy! Made me laugh again! Endorphines are our friends!

    I'll be praying for your son, and for you, as you await doctor's opinions and decision making regarding your job!

    Keep in touch! Post and let me/us know how things did go for you both!

    Many Gentle Hugs,

  6. glint123

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    When I'm feeling pain in different locations, It feels as though someone is using a voodoo doll.It feels like pins are sticking in me and twisting my This is how I can describe the pain...

  7. Shirl

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    Never quite hear anyone describle the pain and how to relate it too before like this!

    Janet, welcome to the board, and I really had a good laugh about the 'VooDoo Doll', I am originally from New Orleans, La. and VooDoo is a big thing there.
    I remember seening the 'doll' in store windows and other places too all full of pins sticking in all different parts of the body !!!!
    Not a bad comparision.

    Shalom, Shirl

  8. dbkester

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    Living rigamortise!
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  9. MarieTourond

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    I am not in one right now, but I get what you are describing only I feel as if someone about 500lbs is standing on each shoulder and I get so weak that I almost pass out. I have to stop right where I am and put my head down and/or sit down right away. I also get chest pains with it. But so far mine have only last at the most an hour, and that was only once. Most about 10=20 minutes. But then there are times I go for a long time without. But it is the fog that gets me, really throws off my judgement as I always have a feeling like I am walking sideways towards the right and very light headed and feet feel like they are not touching the ground.
    I only have FM, but also osteoporosis arthritis and where the FM mostly attacks is at the same spots where I have the arthritis the worst.
    Anyone else experience anything like that???
    I hope that all of you with the flares get better sooner that soon.
    My prayers are with you,
    hugs Lee
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