In a FLARE UP can't get out of help?!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sportsmom628, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. sportsmom628

    sportsmom628 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    It's been quite some time since I have even posted on this site, probably a good 6 months. I had a flare-up of everything, fibro, back, insomnia, depression, cfs and the list goes on and on! I can't seem to get out of this downward spiral I am in. On the days the pain is not so bad, the fatigue is and I just can't seem to do anything. My house is suffering my kids, my hubby (bless his heart) tries to help me but he works 12 hr days in the heat and that takes its toll on him.

    My question is maybe what does anyone else do when they can't seem to get out of a rut that they are in? I'm tired of waiting it out I keep saying next week will be better but it has been months!! I know my depression has alot to do with struggling financially and still waiting for my Social Security after seeing the judge in April she told my lawyer she would deem me disable as of 01/09/10 but still have not received my award letter they said it could take 3-4 months to get my letter from the judge in the mean time very much in a struggle! Does anyone have any advice for me?

  2. 3gs

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    Hi Gina

    I understand the flare that goes on forever,your story sounds like me right now.

    Is there any family around that could help you out? Unfornately Ive been trying to figure out how to get out of mine and the only thing that works is lots of rest and time. Could any one take kids even for a few hrs aday so you could dojust that?

    for depression vit d3 has really helped me.have you ever had yours cked?
    Try not to fret about the house,lick and a promise,easy meals(barbq).
    Wish they didnt take so long for folks to get thier benefits.

    not sure if this helped but glad you posted for some support at least.
  3. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator


    Sorry that you are feeling so bad.

    I just wanted to pass along some info.

    In order for you to recover from all of your symptoms, you must first find the cause(s).

    It is likely that the cause is infectious.

    Many, many people here have found out that they had a chronic Borrelia burgdorferi infection (Lyme) along with common coinfections like Babesia, Bartonella and Ehrlichia.

    A chronic Borrelia burgdorferi infection can cause fibromyalgia, fatigue, insomnia, depression,etc.

    Babesia, often found with Borrelia burgdorferi, can cause overwhelming fatigue and post-exertional malaise among other symptoms like air hunger or night sweats.

    Bartonella can cause swollen glands, anxiety and mood swings, among other symptoms.

    Please take a look at the info in this booklet. It contains a great symptom checklist.....

    Here is a paper written by a Lyme expert and it also has a great symptom checklist on pages 9-11 and info on Babesia symptoms, Bartonella and Ehrlichia symptoms on pages 22-27...

    Unfortunately many people have had a "Lyme test" which usually turns out negative and their Dr mistakenly rules out Lyme that way.....which is very wrong.

    Lyme is a complex bacterial infection that can cause every symptom that you mentioned.

    99% of Dr's do not know how to recognize, diagnose or treat it, leaving most people to suffer forever.
  4. marielis

    marielis New Member

    Usually the only thing that helps is juicing. I started diluting green juices (like spinach and broccoli), cucumber, dif. lettuces, cauliflower, carrots, etc. An a very simple diet without gluten or milk, etc.Chicken soup, vegetable soup. Try to avoid carbs. Transfer Factor helps but could not afford. Also praying to God to show me what to do.

    Hope you find something that help.
  5. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Gina, I don't have an answer but wanted to let you know you are not alone. I am having all the above and don't have a clue what to do. Plus my head feels like its going to explode, guess its sinuses , the doc say inflammation form this darn dd.. Who knows.

    I have been in bed, get up, cry, go back to bed, try to do, can't...on and on.. I am so tired of being sick and tired but what to do..

    Sorry, I can't be any help but sure can relate..

    God Bless,
  6. clamhr

    clamhr New Member

    i know exactly what you are going thru gina. i left work yesterday because i was in so much pain and i'm sure others think i am blowing wind. i only wish i could share this pain with them for them to see what i'm going thru.

    i live alone and i don't know how i'd do this and take care of a family too. god love all of you who do. i usually "sweep the rooms with a glance" and go from there. i find CoQ10 makes a difference in me as well as magnesium w/malic acid. juicing also i've tried and helps some but biggest of all, no sweets, no caffeine (but i MUST have 1 cup coffee in am) no red meat, lots of greens. but i'm not sure where this latest flare has come from.

    health wishes to you all. bye
  7. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    Seems like I have been in one bad constant one for about 1 1/2 yrs. Stress in the marriage I was in, just left him 2 months ago, now stress of divorce, having to live at daughters (have lived in my own home for over 45 years so this is stressful), not having enough money to move out.

    It has gone on and on and does not stop.

    So sorry you are going through this too.
  8. heapsreal

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    My previous answers to similar question is a valium sandwich and curl up in bed and sleep it off like a hangover, lots of vitamins and if u can a b12vitamin injection.
  9. sportsmom628

    sportsmom628 New Member

    Thanks to all of you for your replies I will try some of the answers and jus wait it out of course my Doc tells me the same thing just have to wait it out Gina, fibro is just acting up. But alot of good responses. Thanks again to all.

    Hope everyone has a good one.


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