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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Doober, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Doober

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    Hello all, It's been a long time since I wrote anything. But I have been on checking out the posts. Thought I would write as this seems to be the only way that I can express my thoughts and feelings. The past few months have been hard as I have had very few days where I am feeling good. Write now as I write, my body is just sore and especially my upper body feeling "pins and Needley". Whenever I move it hurts as the clothes rub against me. Several times a day I get jabs as if someone stuck a fine needle in me in different spots at different times. If it ain't the legs and knees it is my middle to upper back. if it is not my shoulder area it is my ab muscles. If it is not my ribs it's something else.The brain fog is incredible. My flares are funny as it is not one specific area at one time (Maybe a few areas together at the same time having a party. Thank god I am sleeping for the after party party). Not a day goes by that without something, somewhere on my body hurts. Just before my doctor confirmed FM I was given so many different types of muscle relaxers which do not work for me as well as a few other things. My Rheumi finally put me on Ultram a few months ago which do help alot, but not totally and I am content with having something that somewhat helps. I take 7 a day even though he prescibed me 6 a day. I want so much to be totally comfortable, but having to live with this for awhile I am thankful for something rather than nothing. You see I am the typical male who does not speak about himself in pain as he perceives this as a weakness and will see that others may see this the same way. I have an appointment coming up in a week and I guess I am using this post as sort of a stepping stone and courage to truly express myself to my DR instead of saying I am OK and dealing with it. I guess I am waiting for him to tell me what will help instead of asking (Typical male actions, Forget about asking for directions). Well before I keep ranting on and maybe you have made it this far down, thank you for letting me vent.
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    This winter has been the worst for me. Wish I knew why, but it has. The depression is worse, the anxiety is worse, and the fatigue is worse. Yet, each time I go to the doc my answers to her questions are always the same...."I'm doing okay, I guess".

    It's so hard for me to express my symptoms to anyone other than the ones here for fear of being put down, even to my doc, which is really stupid since they are the only ones that can help. I hope you are stronger than I and "fess up" when your appointment gets here. I too am on Ultram and understand the thanks for a little relief, but wishing it were more. It seems to be one of the meds of choice for this DD.

    Best wishes in the future for you, and maybe we can both be a little more truthful with the docs in the future...we're NOT doing okay, and we know it, right?
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    Hi Doober,
    If you want to get anywhere with your doctor you need to tell him you need help. If you just sit there and hope he might help you, odds are he won't. Gather up some courage, take the bull(your disease) by the horns and tell that doctor how bad you are really hurting. If it helps take someone with you for back up. Remember, the doctor works for you, you are paying him. If you don't like him, find someone else. You need a doctor you can conect with. If you need something stronger than Ultram, then ask for it.

    Take Care and Be Well,
  4. kellyann

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    Did you go to the doctor? Did you ask for stronger meds?
    How are you feeling? Just wondering, and worried if you spoke up at the doctor's or not.
    God Bless you!

    Take care and be well!
  5. coolma

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    Unfortunately, we have to be our own best friend and advocates in this illness. If it's a pride issue, swallow all your pride and let it go. It is OK to say you are not well - you would be surprised, if you led the way, how many there are out there just like you.

    The second thing I found is if you are having a depression problem, get the help you need for it. Dealing with illness is hard enough but you have to get the emotional side under control and that often requires help.

    Then, deal with the facts of your illness when you go to your Doctor - get the attention you need, the specialist you need, state the facts of your illness - write it all down on paper if you must but you have to advocate for yourself.

    Doctors like to treat the facts especially if they are listed and presented in an organized way. Insist on help for yourself.

    Life can get better. Healing can take place over time. I truly believe there are more like yourself out there who don't speak up! What good does that do?

    Good luck and better health and care in the future. And, it's OK to love yourself first - you have to take care of yourself before you can care for others properly.

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