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    Anybody have any advice what should do?My dad took my mother to the ER on Thursday night and she had an allergic reaction to a antibiotic and was dead,and it took them 10 minutes to revive her,a marical from god we still have her with us.She is still on the resperator and they plan on taking her off that tommarrow.She has serval cracked ribs from them cpr for 10 min. and thank god they never gave up on her.She is responding real well and knows who we all are,so they don't think it done any damage to her brain at all.Very,very,very lucky to have her with us doing so well.It has put me in a real bad flare with all the stress and my doctor is on vacation.He had on 8,5/325 percocets perday and this last time he only prescribed 4,5/325mg. percocets and 2,10mg. oxycontin and I had to wait 8 day to get preapproval from my insurance company and they didn't approve the oxycontin so I was taking my normal dose of percocet 8 perday while I was waiting for the oxycontin to get approved with no luck.So my dr. prescibed 2,15mg. ms contin perday and on friday night I flushed the ms contin down the toilet because they where not working for me.

    So now I'm almost out of my percocet,because had to take the 8 a day for 8 or 9 days and the doctor filling in for my doctor will not prescibe so more percocet to last me till my appt. tuesday the 12th. and I'm going to be without any pain meds. after tommarrow.And I can't hardly take the pain right now with the pain meds. and I'm scared to face withdraw and the real real severe pain.Does anybody have any advice of what I should do to get enough pain meds. to last till the 12th?Help me out please,I'm already going though enough stress worried about my mom and now this,I don't no what to do and how I can deal with it?Mark
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    Hi Mark

    So sorry to hear about your mom. That had to have been really scary. Glad to hear she is doing better.

    I understand what you are going thru with meds and its awful. Did your doctor decide not to give you the patch? Wish you hadnt flushed the ms contin will your doc believe you? did he say why he didnt up the perocet level?

    The only thing I can think of is going to the er if you get really bad. Did other doc say why he wouldnt help til the 12th? I just went thru this with my doc gone and sub would only give me a refill for 30 when ususally I get 90. I'll be running out also,so can understand the furstation you fill. Do you have any other meds?

    Not familiar with ms contin but I would have called pharmacy and asked if it was ok to take two or one and a half.

    sorry cant help more god bless
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    I agree, if you run out of pain meds, go to the ER. I ran out a few years ago and thought I could tough it out. Instead I had a heart attack because the pain caused a serious rise in my blood pressure. Another thing you might do is ask the Pharmacist. Many times they will give you enough to get by and then subtract it out of your script when you get it. Good luck.
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    I decided to try the ms contins to see if they would work for me,untill I learned a little more about the patch.My insurance will only pay for 5/325mg. percocets and I don't like taking all that tylonel everyday and the 5's don't work well for me.I think on the 12th,i'll have him try me on the patch and percocets for break thru.Yeah I think my dr. will believe me about my meds.,if he was there this week he would give me some more percocets untill 12th. because he knows I had to take 8 perday for the 1st 8-9 days waiting for insurance to approve oxycontin and they declind.I was thinking about calling doctors office again and see if they will give me enough percocets to last till the 12th.and see if there anymore understanding,it would be better than nothing.thanks!Mark
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    I'm very sorry to hear about your Mom, I'm glad she's going to be okay!

    I know it's too late now, but why did you flush your pain meds? Even if they weren't that effective, they were probably better than nothing. Don't ever flush your pain meds. Dr's frown upon that. They don't know if you've used them up, .... they've heard it all.

    Also - just an FYI - don't ever split or halve a "contin" - MS or Oxy, can be very dangerous.

    What kind of conversation did you have with the Dr. filling in? Have to leave a msg w/receptionist? Did you give all the details? did you do this over the phone or go in person? I'd go in if you need to.

    Before very honest and explain exactly what you said here. Tell him what you were on, what you were cut back to in hopes of getting the Oxycontin, tell him the ins. issues, being prescribed the MS contin but it didn't help at all, so now you're left with less relief than you had before. Does your regular Dr. know that you were taking 8 per day while waiting to hear from the ins. co about the oxycontin? -is that from the same script that he wrote 4/day for. Make sure you tell the covering Dr. that. That's important.

    If you go in, he can see your records. When they do it over the phone - very often all they hear is "early refill".

    If he won't do Percocet, see if he'll prescribe something else to get you through.
    Call in the morning for an appt. Don't go in with your head hanging low, go in as an advocate for yourself.

    I've never been to an ER for pain, so can't comment on that. do they ask if you have a regular Dr. who prescribes? Maybe someone else can answer that.

    Let us know how it goes!!!

  6. lukelinnmark

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    It really scared me to death when my mom almost died and the ms contins were not working and before I thought about it I already flushed them.Yeah your right about never spliting or halving them kind of pills,I've never done that, I've always took as prescibed.My regular doctor new I was taking 8 percocets perday on the script that said 4 while I was waiting to see if the oxycontin was oked.Then I cut back to 4 perday as prescibed after I got ms contins.I talked to the receptionist and think thats what she thought,that I was trying to get an early refill,but all she would half to do is go thru my records and see that I've never called and ask for refills or anything like that,my medications has always lasted the whole month and I've always took as prescribed.

    It just run me short waiting for the oxy. to get declind.I think I will go there in person and show them my medication reciepts of when I got the ms contins filled and they can look in my file and see that I was taking 8 percosets perday before he changed my meds. not knowing it was going to take 8 days to get something else.She got real rude on the phone and said sorry we can't help you,like I was just a drug addict.The more I think about it the more it gets me worked up.I'll let you no how it goes today,I'm going to be there when they open.Thanks!Mark
  7. 3gs

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    How is your mom? doing better I hope.

    What the heck is up with your insurance? They wont pay for larger dose of percocet? Thats crazy. but they paid for ms contin?

    Have you tried darovcet? Not sure on all pain meds but mine say to take half or whole. What about oxycodone?

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