In a really bad flare since last 7 y/o son went missing

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Aeronsmom, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Aeronsmom

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    I am more pain than usual, last Wed my 7 year old son Aeron was suppose to go to our next door neighbor as he alway does..this was at around 1 pm we decided it was time for him to come home for lunch, so we went there to find out he never even went there...another neighbor said they saw him getting on his bike and riding up the street at around noon, we went searching for him for a good hour, going to his friends and so on....we called the police and we had almost the whole police force and all our neighbors looking for this time I was almost ready to be taken to the hospital..... we had about 300 people out looking for him, at around 3:30 our oldest son called us and said they found him apparently he had meet up with 2 14 year olds that he never meet before and went on a bike path and rode over to the next little town over which is about a good 16 km both ways. and then they left him there to find hi own way back home......anyways...he is severley grounded to the house and he lost his bike until next spring!!

    I am still in so much pain and have been having really bad nightmares about the whole thing......

    love to all Ann
  2. lgp

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    First and foremost thank God your son is safe.

    That being said, the type of 'punched in the stomach' anxiety you experienced until you knew he was safe and sound is way more than enough to cause a major flare. It may take awhile for your adrenals to calm down, so please take it easy and rest, do whatever it takes to make yourself well.

    I hope your son will eventually understand the gravity of this. Perhaps it put some fear into him so that you will never have to experience anything like this ever again. Rest assured as parents we've all experienced similar incidents--and it's horrible.

    I wish you much peace, relaxation, safety and joy--

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  3. morningsonshine

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    As the mother of three boys, what a nightmare.

    I'm also so glad your son is alright and home with you.

    Rest, rest, rest, and hug your son and tell him how much you love him, even tho he's in BIG trouble.

    Take care,

  4. Granniluvsu

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    Dear Ann,

    What a terrible scarey thing that must have been. I cannot imagine how terrifying that was for you and the family.

    I know many years ago when our kids were small we drove to New Orleans to see one of the Mardi Gras parade with a bunch of kids, not all ours.. After the parade we were driving home and someone said we were missing our daughter Karen who was about 5 or 6 at the time I would be guessing.. OMG, we were all frantic. Everyone in the the car was upset. We drove back to where we were and looked around and luckily there were a few girls who had seen this lost child and was frantically looking for us. We were so thankful for this young person who picked her up. God only know what might have happened had Karen not met up with these kind young people. Needless, to say, we were paranoid after that.

    I'll bet you were so happy when you found him but then wanteed to strangle him for being that far away and following those older boys. Those boys should have known better than to just leave the younger one by himself. However, they probably did not think about it and figured he knew how to get home. Luckily, he is safe and sound. I know the feeling !!

    Lots of hugs to you and your son ,


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