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  1. razorqueen

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    I had a really rough massage treatment on Tuesday, but I needed it to be more thourough. I think she went a bit overboard. I worked a long hard day yesterday cutting hair for 7 1/2 hrs, and now my back and left shoulder/neck area is so stiff and so painful I didn't sleep at all last night. I took pain meds (T3's) lots of heat, and anagesalic lotions to dull the pain to no avail. I have no muscles relaxers.
    I'm supposed to work tomorrow but don't see how I can do it when I can hardly turn my head/neck!

  2. fivesue

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    you can't. If you can't move, how can you cut hair?

    Do you like massages? They hurt me and don't do any good. I won't have one. A trigger point massage does help, but not for long. Just a stiff today as I was before.

    I'm sorry you are hurting. Please take care of yourself.

  3. razorqueen

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    I usually have a huge bag that I get at our local feed mill. I just had a good soak with the jets going in the tub, that helped a bit. I put some 024 in the water since I don't have any epsom salts. I don't live in town so I can't just go to the store and get some today.
    I talked to my boss and told her that I would only be able to come in a color my aunts hair, it is a request, and IF I was feeling better I MIGHT be able to stay, no promises. In my business it isn't so easy to call in sick. We need someone to replace us, and if we have requests we need to call them and reschedule etc.
    I need my massage, but this time she just used too much pressure. I don't think they always realize how much strength they have. I've been going to her for about 5 yrs so she normal knows how much pressure I can take.
    I just have had an extra stressful summer, guess that didn't help.
  4. Rose_Red

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    sometimes we need the deep tissue massage done. it releases all the poisons into your body and causes this pain.

    Start chugging all the wter you can handle and then chug some more. The best thing you can do is try to flush it out of your system.

    Even ibuprofin or Motrin would help right now. I would never suggest taking more than the recommended dosage of an OTC but if you stop to think about it - prescription motrin is only 800mg of ibuprofen in each pill.

    You can alternate that with tylenol every 3 hours for constant pain relief. An example -

    noon - motrin
    3pm - tylenol
    6pm - motrin
    9pm - tylenol

    like that. It was easier than trying to explain it.

    Can you bring a heating pad to work with you tomarrow?

    also - try ice for 15 minutes, heat for 15 minutes then ice again for 15 miutes. Rest for 30 minutes and do it again till you feel better. my chiropractor has me do this and it workss wonders.

    Next time try to schedule heavy massage work when you have a few days off or see if you can get into a chiro.

    Good luck

  5. razorqueen

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    I did take 600 mg of Advil Liquid gels and went to bed for a late afternoon nap with more heat. I am scared the ice will make my muscles tighten up even more. Ice usually does that too me.
    I had my massage of Tuesday, so I thought by Thursday afteroon I'd be fine. But obviously not! I've read some people taking 800mg of ibeprofin on this board, didn't know it was safe to do that!
    But what is a "safe" way to treats this DD anyways! (rolleyes) Thanks for your help, fellow hairstylist! I was thinking about going to the chiropractor but the one I go to is right in the middle of that town festival this weekend and I'd never find a parking spot!
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  6. razorqueen

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    went to work for 11am, did my aunts color and left at 1 pm. Went to the drugstore and bought some muscle relaxers, took 2 when I got home plus 2 liquid advil and went to bed. Slowly starting to feel better.
    Tomorrow is a new day! Ty's for you who cared!
  7. Leenerbups

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    Ugh..I have had this happen before too. I am a massage therapist and next time you see her ask her to be MORE SPECIFIC and LESS DEEP.

    There is a huge difference.

    When we use the term "being more specific", it means working more on a certain muscle or group of muscles that is causing trouble, but not nesassarily deeper.

    SOme therapists just go deep all over your body for an hour and think that will get your muscles relaxed and detoxed. It's not true.

    ALso, if a massage therapist works deep on someone, ESPECIALLY FIBRO people, they should work SLOWER. If they go fast and deep at the same time, your in for a mess of soreness, just like you are now.

    If she has no clue what all that means, you may need to look for someone who specializes in Fibro people.

    ALso, you might like to try a hot stone massage, the release of muscle tension is deeper and longer for most people.

    best thing you can do is soak or shower in a nice hot bath
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