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    Dear All,

    Here is the update I promised:

    Well, I've been on O2 for 2 weeks, now. At first I had some trouble, and was awakening with violent headaches and increased Fibro pain. Then, water was added, (in the form of mist) and since then I've been fine. I awaken with energy, and very little pain. I'm not sick to my stomach anymore. That horrible feeling that gravity is sucking the life out of my limbs, is gone.

    I still have to pace myself, and watch what I do. But I have been abe to start my Chi Gung in the morning, again, and my spirits are whole lot better. The other morning I was able to: make breakfast, spend time on the computer, clean the dog run, brush the dogs, blow the leaves off the deck,do some Chi Gung, and make some soup. Then I rested. I actually felt pretty good, al day long, even though I wasn't able to do anythng else. That is still a huge improvement for me.

    I think my angel was on my shoulder with this one. I hope this helps someone else. I actually feel that I have some hope again.

    And, I must add, that it was Acupuncture that has paved the way for this. Acupuncture normalizes (heals) the body, and it is, thus, enabled to accept the good things we try to do for it.

    For what it's worth, I hope this helps someone else. It scares me when I realize that I might never have been put on O2 if I had not noticed a change in myself, and gone to my Dr., and asked for it.

    p.s. Some people were interested in the reversed mortgage - It is a long process, but it was my only option, and I signed the papers this week. This will enable me to stay in my home for as long as possible. I feel peaceful and happy about that -- and free. All my life I've moved a lot, and I always knew in my head that I would move again. Now, I have the feeling that I will stay here for a long wiile, and it is wonderful. Thank you for your support! T.

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    Bumping one more time.
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    Bumping one last time.
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    Hi, I am wondering if your dr did a sleep study before prescribing the oxygen. I am on oxygen at night and have been for almost a year, but it is because the dr did a sleep study on me and found that my oxygen level got down to 80.

    I also have copd. I have been told that to much oxygen is just as danageous as not enough. So I am careful to keep it at the 2 liters that was prescribed.

    I am glad that it does help you, but for me it has did nothing for my pain. And I have no more energy with or without it. I can say I do think more clearly in the mornings when I wake up, but that was because my oxygen level dropped so low at night. Thats great news for you, and you seem to have found something that works. Love Brenda
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    This is wonderful news and very happy for you. I really hope that this oxygen continues to help you in any way possible. A few years ago, when I was seeing my neurologist, he wanted me to take the Tilt Test, but I was too scared. After the testing, he suggested oxygen mask, but once again, I didn't go through with it.

    My boyfriend at the time, went through the Tilt Test and told me how awful it was and also his doctor prescribed the mask which he did get. I asked him to tell me the truth about the test and he did, but he would of been right there with me but I just chickend out. The people who specialized in the oxygen mask went to his house several times to fit him correctley and make him more comfortable using it. He never really gave it a chance even with my help with it. We heard so many good things about it and people said it was a God send and turned their lives around.

    I would like to give it all a try someday but I'm not able to do much on my own these days.

    Also, very happy for you with the revered mortgage to help you stay in your home. "Home Sweat Home".


  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    How are things in Butte Co? I guess it's starting to
    cool off some what especially at night up in Paradise!

    I'm so happy for you that you have found a combo of
    of things that haved helped you! Often wondered about
    the Oxygen thing and although it may not be for every-
    one, it seems well worth while for some of us to explore!

    Also I'm near equally happy that you have decided on the
    Reverse Morgage Plan. I remember are discussing that opt-
    ion and delighted that it will be to your advantage. Did
    you use one of the Banks in the Area? Financial worry and
    stress hopefully will not any longer concern you!

    Thanks for the Great News on both fronts! Big hello to
    all my friends in Butte Co.!!


  8. Adl123

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    To Brenda - I was tested overnight using the Oxygen monitor that you put on your finger. Using that, they found that my Oxygen level went down to 74 and stayed at 82 for most of the nght. I'm having a regular sleep study at he hospital in October, to be sure I don't have sleep apnea.

    To Eileen - I tried the mask, and found it very uncomforable. I use the little thing that is at the base of the nose,and is looped up over the ears, instead. I can't remember what it is called. I find that very comfortable, and almost never take it off in my sleep. Maybe that would work for your boyfriend, or for you.

    To Mr Dad - Thanks for your good wishes. I used Mr. Turner, who has done reverse mortgages in Paradise for many years. It was a very complicated and surprisingly long process, and I'm glad it is settled.

    To Elyse - Congratulations on the birth of your new baby. I'm very happy for you.
    I started having acupuncture treatments because I can't take the medications for Rheumatoid Arthritis, which I also have. I was lucky to find an acupuncturist who is also a Doctor or Chinese Medicine, and who has studied in Tibet. He is also a very spiritual person, and is sincere in wanting to heal. He has helped me with fibro pain, brain fog and breathing.
    I began noticiing that I was forgetting to do things that I had been doing for many years, as a matter of habit. I also sensed a personality change. From living with my mom, I recognized these as possible signs of Oxygen Deprivation. I asked my Dr. if I could be tested, and so he did. The Oxygen peole were very nice, and they bring everything to the house. They are also available 24/7 to answer questions over the phone.

    I hope I have answered your questions.
    Bless you all,
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    A while back I was staying in Telluride, which is at about 9500 feet. After about a day, I started suffering from severe oxygen deprivation, with typical symptoms.

    I went to a MD, who prescribed medical oxygen (breathed all night and as necessary, through a tube leading to the nostrils). There was barely any difference at all.

    Then someone recommended a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. What they do is lie you down in an airtight plastic chamber, then pump it full of air that has super-saturated oxygen content. They have to do it slowly, so that your ears don't pop too much.

    I fell asleep after about a minute, and after what seemed like another minute the hour in the chamber had passed and they were waking me up. After that, I felt great. That lasted for the rest of the trip (about three days).

    On a subsequent trip to Telluride, I did the chamber as soon as the oxygen deprivation symptoms kicked in. Immediately I felt totally better. After about five days I started to feel some deprivation effects, and so I did the chamber again. Once again, I felt fine.

    It's hard to get FDA approval for medical devices, and doctors can't prescribe things that the FDA hasn't approved. However, based on my experience, I would think that the hyperbaric chamber would be a good thing for CFS sufferers to try. (In addition to potential higher efficacy, I'd think it would be nice to get it done in one shot rather than to be constantly relying on the tank.) A wide variety of people in Telluride recommended the hyperbaric chamber to me (especially management of hotels who face a lot of guests who have problems), and so I tend to think it works.

    I'm not sure how many cities have hyperbaric chambers easily available, but it might be worth looking into. If you find out that it does work for you, I think that they cost a couple thousand dollars to buy.

    This part is for amusement value only, but I once saw a photograph of Michael Jackson next to one of these things. Apparently at least for a while, he slept in one every night. As long as you're not horribly claustrophobic, I think it would be perfectly comfortable to do so.
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    Lisaperson - You hit the nail right on the head! A Dr. I went to once prescribed the hypeerbaric chamber for me, but then I moved, and I don't qualify for it, where I live now. Also, I can't lie down for more than 5 or 10 minutes, and I would need a chamber in which I could sit. But it is considered, by some, to be the best solution for CFIDS.

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    The test for lack of Oxygen, is simple. There is a little contraption that is put on the index finger that reads your oxygen intake. I used it overnight. On the basis of that test I was given Oxygen, as my level went down to the low 70% and most of my night was at the low 80%.

    I'm having a regular, overnight, sleep test, at a hospital, in October.

    I've posted more in detail in other places.

    What I think is really important, is that no one thought of giving me the test. I noticed symptoms (forgetfullness of things I had been doing for years, and personality change) and went and asked my doctor for it. Thank goodness I have a doctor who listened.

    Good luck,
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    I have a regular oxygen machine, I think. It filters the air in the room, removing most other gasses, so that I breathe air that has more Oxyxgen in it than normal. I had to have a water bottle applied, that adds mist to the Oxygen. I use a nose piece, that I got used to in a few days.

    The machine is a box that stands about 2 1/2 feet high, and is about 15 inches wide. They also left a canister of Oxygen, for me to use if the power goes out (that happens every winter, up here, and lasts for as long as 10 days).

    Good luck. I hope you can find something that you can use.

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