In Appreciation of Dr Jay A Goldstein

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    In response to beagle99 who posted on regarding which treatments administered by Dr Goldstein worked I offer the ones that helped me.

    Firstly, I researched the illness and looked at what was on offer in Australia, the UK and USA before seeing him. My exhaustive research paid off because he was able to diagnose me with (1) Chronic Fatique Syndrome, (2) Fibromyalgia and (3) Repetitive Strain Injury; the second and third conditions are what he called overlapping syndromes. Previously despite seeing many doctors in Australia, I could not get a complete diagnosis.

    I naturally found repetitive strain injury very limiting and after twenty minutes of using my arms in a repetitive manner I would have horrific pain from my arms to the middle of my back which would last for one week. I received an immediate response from Dr Goldstein's recommendation of nitroglycerine patches, a heart medication. It is interesting to note at this stage that he used prescription drugs in alternative ways. I used the patches as a preventative measure and applied half of one before I intended to use my arms for drawing, painting or typing. I simply couldn't type this long piece without his intervention. I went on to earn a degree in Fine Art at University and although it took me a long time due to the fatique, I achieved something that would otherwise be impossible. I would still be waiting for some other doctor to come up with a treatment some sixteen years later if it wasn't for him. When I told a researching immunologist from Sydney about this treatment he was absolutely spellbound. The patches encouraged blood flow and made all the difference to my life.

    I tried another treatment recommended by him which is a magnetic pulse and creates oxygen and blood flow. It is a disc-shaped device I wear around my neck 24 hours a day and because of it I have near perfect sleep. Previously I would be wide awake from about 2 am to 5 am which is another miracle; it also helps with pain. Incidentally it is detrimental to have disruptive sleep and it can cause heart problems.

    There are clues here in the way these two treatments worked: they encouraged blood flow and this was an important finding when Dr Goldstein along with Dr Mena utilised for the first time brain spect scans and discovered reduced blood flow to the brain in patients. This was performed in the late 1980s and Dr Sarah Myhill said is is the most important discovery related to the illness. I feel this provided the foundation for his treatment regime and he did not use them "willy nilly". He had to try different treatments on his patients to see which ones worked. He told me it depended on the cells involved in the individual and that later a computer would indicate what would work for the patient.

    In his surgery (I saw in in 1994 and 1995) I witnessed several people who had their lives changed by his treatment regime. They would squeal with delight and you knew they had been relieved of their symptoms. There was a fairly quick response and he knew how long it would take to be effective because he told us the time frame. My GP in Perth told me that Dr Goldstein had an excellent knowledge of pharmacology. I bought one of Dr Goldstein's books for another GP to read and he said he knows buckets more than me. Those being honest admitted it and when in Australia last year on a lecture tour, Dr Hyde told the audience he is the best physician he has ever seen. Even another US researching doctor told a friend of mine he was way above his head.

    I had regular contact with him by phone from 1994 until his retirement in 2003 and guess what? He never charged me for any of these consultations. Who else would do that? He became my mentor and I was constantly amazed by his high level of intelligence, his willingness to share the information and treatments and generous nature. He is the most intelligent and talented person I have ever met. I always felt I should have ten doctors helping me out during the phone conversations but they weren't interested so I handled it myself and wrote many articles for newsletters in Australia regarding his work. I constantly had patients and doctors tripping me up and replacing it with substandard work that usually reached dead ends which I put it down to egos and jealousy.

    His focus on brain dysfunction was covered extensively in his books and at the 1999 conference in Belgium a general consensus was reached declaring Chronic Fatique Syndrome a brain dysfunction disease with a biochemical cause. It took a long time didn't it? I know of a researching immunologist who has in the last five years only just started looking at the brain after approximately researching the illness for twenty years. They naturally focus on their area of expertise and he was researching the immune system before waking up to the brain implication despite being well aware of Dr Goldstein's work.

    His work is not quackery as there is solid science behind it and I believe he is at least 20 years head of his time. It sure is taking a long time to re-invent the wheel. Only a couple of months ago I read where some Adelaide researchers produced a paper indicating white specks surrounding the brain. Funny that, I saw a photo of a biopsy in Dr Goldstein's surgery in 1994 which showed white specks surrounding the brain. They can only grasp small sections of his work and replicate that without acknowledgment. I am glad he has documented it in his books published by Haworth Medical Press and his 40 published papers. They can't take that away from him!

    I do know that although some doctors are using sections of his protocol he is disappointed no one took it up and although beagle99 mentioned trials I would like to know who would fund them. Certainly not Dr Goldstein he had been more than generous. He went on with helping his patients and fast tracked his research. It's a pity the others aren't like him. He should be lauded for his outstanding contribution and like another US doctor said he has made the biggest contribution to research for this illness.

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    I have his book betrayal of the brain, he is definintely a stand out. Thanks for the info.
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    Where did you get the disc shaped device with the magnetic pulse from?
    I would like to try that.

    I myself saw Dr Goldstein in 1998. The only things that helped me that I got from him were baclofen and clonex. At this time those drugs were not in use very much for fibro and CFS.

    I also got the diagnosis of fibromyalgia from him on top of my CFS/ME. Before then I was only had the M.E diagnosis from when I first got ill in 1992.

    I regret not staying longer at his practise than 2 weeks because maybe he would have found more that would have helped. It was hard because I had to travel so far to see him.

    Although I wasn't helped much, I met at his clinic a patient who had been successfully treated and came back only because he now wanted a bit more extra energy to go skating after work!

    Please tell me where you go the disc shaped magnetic pulse from. If you can not answer here my email is (removed, not permitted)

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    I am pleased you feel that way.....thanks.
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    I am new to this forum and a bit of a novice with posting so hope this hits the message board.
    Firstly Rachel as you can gather I am from Perth in Western Australia and Dr Goldstein told me of this as a future treatment back in 1998 and then I found a scientist here several years later who now sells then - I only found out about him in approximately 2006. The disc shape is like a pendant I wear around my neck for 24hours a day and it operates on a lithium battery which lasts for approximately three weeks. He will deal with patients in other countries and his e-mail address is You can tell him that you heard about it from me and that I am a Perth patient who saw Dr Goldstein in California. It costs just over $1,000 (not sure of price) possibly a bit more. I do know that there is a Dr Pawluk who you can google who is in the US and he has a web site. I feel mine is just right and I wouldn't consider the mat version as it is better to wear it all the time. The scientist also sells tumeric mixes which helps with anti inflammatory problems. There is a lot on the net on the benefits of tumeric. However, what I have gained from the magnetic device is approximately 95% sleep improvement and I use it now instead of the nitroglycerine patches for pain.....great for my repetitive pain injury. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Grateful patient.
    I think I'll try emailing the Australian doctor over Dr Pawluk.
    I came all the way from Israel to Dr Goldstein, though I'm of British origin. I think I was the only Israeli to see him. I had to book the air flight in advance and could not extend things for more than 2 weeks.
    It's a shame he is not treating patients now.
    Thanks for the info again.
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    Hi Rachel 76,

    The one whose e-mail address I provided is a scientist not a doctor and he will deal with clients long distance. You can order direct from him. I could not reply to your e-mail address because it was edited from your posting. The scientist has degrees in microbiology and biochemistry and lectured at medical school to students at a local university. He had problems of his own (not like ours) and so did his own research. You can ask him for my e-mail address. It has helped me with a much improved sleep pattern and pain relief. I also use the tumeric although the benefits are not obvious to me. My cognitive problems and fatique are the still a problem. I have heard of a local doctor (anethestist) who is looking at cognitive problems and pain related to this illness. I may see him later (undecided) and will advise you if there is anything on offer. I read where he will be attending a conference in Sydney and will present a paper on the spine later this year (not in connection with this illness though).

    I offered Dr Pawluk's site so you could see how it all works.

    I too am sad that Dr Goldstein isn't treating patients. He is the only one who made sense of it.

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