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    ~By Monique Nicole Fox~

    I owe God my life and livelihood
    I am responsible for knowing right from wrong, bad from good

    I am obligated to serve and pray
    I have to return to him my soul and spirit someday
    I have to give back my poetic gift some kinda way
    I am bound by his covenant, his way
    It is my duty to follow his commandments; I must obey

    I have to pay him back with my love
    I am indebted to God above

    I am in debt to the Lord for my existence
    I am liable for my sins: repentance
    A bad credit report, a bad earthly report has a damning consequence
    Therefore, I stay in good grace because I will oneday want a heavenly
    For what I owe God is my expense
    For what I owe God is very immense