In desperate need of your prayers

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  1. pepper

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    Dear friends,

    I have not been posting much lately because I have not been well. I do read here though and keep you all in my prayers.

    Right now I am in desperate need of your prayers. I have slid so far backwards as far as my exhaustion and insomnia goes that I am terribly depressed. I have also been dx with seritonin syndrome and have to go off the AD's that were helping.

    I am sure that this incredible exhaustion is linked to my DH's inability to get a job. Would you please pray that something happens for him (us)? It has been almost 5 yrs that he has only been working freelance and it is not enough.

    I am incredibly exhausted today because I did not sleep much last night. I am going to my N.D. this afternoon and he has hopefully come up with a new remedy that will work. He helped me so much before; I hope he can do it again, this time for Lyme disease which he thinks caused my CFS in the first place. I would appreciate any prayers.

    Thank you all.
    Love, Pepper
  2. Asatrump

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    Things have been so complicated for you for such a long time. Has your DH considered work in a different field? I suspect your depression would be a little less if he was bringing home a regular paycheck.

    Prayers hon. Time for something good in your life, you have had enough of deaths and problems.

    off topic~~~ I had reactions to almost every anti depressant. I am now on an ancient one, most doctors haven't heard of it or pharmacies carry it. Maprotiline. It helps soooooooo much. hugs to you.
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  3. caffey

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    Done. Sending you bunches of hugs. I am here anytime.
  4. pepper

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    I feel that I really need them right now. I am angry at God for a variety of things and have to work my way through this.

    Thanks, tiggy, for your prayers. The bad news is that lately I have developed sensitivities to most of my treatments, including the magnesium! I cannot take even a tiny bit without it irritating my IBS-D. That means a couple of days spent very close to the bathroom. And I am itchy, itchy, itchy and think it is from a tiny dose of something else I took last Thursday. The itch interferes with my sleep and makes me miserable all day. Or maybe I have developed a sensitivity to something else that I am not even aware of. I find this so frustrating!!!

    Sweetpotatoe, thank you for your lovely prayer. Yes, we do need God to open a new door for my DH. I believe that it will happen because of prayer. I am less exhausted today and am hoping that the treatment I had yesterday just might be helping. Please keep up the prayers!

    Asa, thank you for being there as always. My hubby has been looking in a variety of fields. He goes to his career counsellor and they are searching many fields that are far from what he did for 32 yrs. He has two big strikes against him - his age, and the fact that he isn't fluently bilingual. He was offered two big jobs and lost them both when it was discovered that he wasn't fluently bilingual which has become a necessity in this city. Please keep praying. Surely God will listen to our prayers.

    After I manage to get off the Cipralex (which will probably take many months) I will definitely look into this AD which I have never even heard of. I hope that it is available in Canada. Thanks for the suggestion and I am so glad that it is helping you!

    Thanks, Cath, for your prayers and the hugs. I know that you are always there.

    Love, Pepper

  5. bandwoman

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    I am so sorry to hear all of this. I am praying. I am on my lunch time now. You won't believe what all is going on. This is HIGH pressure time for me. I have not had time to post much the last week or so. There was a death and I am directing a whole concert at another school tonight with and I have only had the music a couple of days. I had only one rehearsal with two of the groups and one group I didn't get to rehearse at all.

    I have jokingly said that the grand finale will be me having a stroke in front of the audience.

    I sure hope you can start to feel better. I will pray for all of your meds changes too. I am sure that is very scary.

    Hang in there. This will get better. I promise.

  6. 143alan

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    that you and your husband are going through so much. I remember praying for him a while back to find a job and I'm sorry I have stopped because I forgot.

    I'm sorry you are going through so much and it's at times like this that we have a hard time taking God for his word that he will not give us more than HE knows we can handle.

    I always think that HE thinks I can handle more than I think I can handle. It's hard to keep the faith and to not be angry with him. I know this is going to probably raise some eyebrows but, God created all of our emotions and anger is one of them, so I figure he thinks it's OK for us to be angry, even at him. It gives us an opportunity to learn more about HIM during those times.

    Heavenly Father, Pepper is having such a hard time right now and she and her husband need YOU to change their circumstances. They have done, all they can do of their own power and surrender this situation to you. They have stopped trying to figure everything out, stopped trying to fix everything. They are depending on you and taking YOU at Your word to not forsake them, to not leave and to provide for them. We thank you Lord that you can be trusted, you do love them, and that you are with them and that you are working through the hearts and minds of other believers who are listening to you to help in this situation. Lord, touch the heart of an employer who will offer just the right job for him. One that he will say it HAD to be God that provided this job. Lord I know this situation will bring you honor and glory and I pray their needs are met and their prayers are answered in the name of Jesus, AMEN!

  7. pepper

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    Nancy, I sure hope that was not the grand finale of your concert last night. Too many people need you around for that to happen. How did it go? Thank you for your prayers. I really need them right now.

    Thank you, Nancy manager, for your beautiful prayer. I am trying to work through that anger right now. I am frustrated and angry and going through the why me thing. I am trying to keep the faith and believe that God is there for us but it is much harder to do that when depressed. It sure does help to know that you all are here praying for us.

    LittleBlueStem, that is so true. My hubby has such unique abilities that I cannot believe that no one has grabbed him! He was indispensable to his last employer and I think that we both thought that employers would be lining up to hire him. But that is not the case. Thank you for your lovely prayer.

    Love, Pepper