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    Please don't think ill of me... Have been unwell for a long while now and do feel angry at God almost. I am by no means worse off than a lot of people and am well aware that compared to some people am very healthy but reading everybody's posts, i feel like... what's his plan??? Can anyone ease my troubled thoughts? LoveCharlotte x
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    No one thinks ill of anyone here. You have your thoughts, and you have a God given right to express them.

    If you would like prayer for your troubled thoughts, then we will pray for you. If you want to know His plan, then we will pray that He shows it to you.

    Just let us know what we can do for you, and we will be happy to do so.

    There is no pushing and shoving here, and no one thinks they are better than the other person.

    We are all sinners, some saved by grace, others who want to be, and those who don't. But the bottom line, we are all sinners, that we have totally in common...........

    Its all up to the individual, no judgements on this board at all.

    I forgot to welcome you here too!

    Shalom! Shirl

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    Hello Charlotte, welcome to the board.
    I certainly agree with Shirl, no one here will judge you here for expressing how you feel. I think we all question Gofs plan at some point in our life. We all hav good and bad days. I've been told many times, being a christian won't neccessarily give you a easier life, but in some ways more difficult. But I know the Lord will always be by my side and his loving grace will protect me and I know he will guide me thru this life. You brought up a excellent point in asking What is Gods plan for me!. I used to envy people back in high school for knowing what they wanted to do with their life, like being a Dr, lawyer,etc. I've never really figured that one out for myself.I guess ?I've fallen into what I'm doing. Or maybe it is Gods plan, who knows. But this is something I'm going to praying to the Lord about. My only advice to you is to pray to the Lord for guidance, and just be specific in asking him what you need.

    I will be praying for you Charlotte. God bless you.


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    Dear Charlotte,

    I agree with both Shirl and Danny, no one here will think ill of you for feeling what you feel.

    I too have known anger, not so much at God, but at finding myself in a situation I hadn't planned on. It is so hard to stay positive when you live with pain everyday, and it doesn't seem to help much when other's aren't as bad as we are because we still have to deal with out own issues.
    Maybe, it would help if you could share why you are angry with God. Do you feel he has let you down or abandoned you?
    I know some people think that it is God who has made them sick as a punishment for something they have done.
    If you feel like sharing this, maybe some of us can help you work through it so some of the anger will go away. If you don't want to share that's okay too. What ever your needs are, we all are willing to pray with you for them.

    Your question about "What is His plan?" is a difficult one to answer. I know that God is a loving God, and His intention and plans for us are for the good. I think most of us wonder why we became ill, and why God just hasn't zapped us back into health, I know he's capable of doing this. However, I know personally, I have become a better person through my illness,and I have learned a lot about my differnt talents and gifts that seemed to have been buried under the hustle and bustle of a normal life.
    I find that some things that seemed to be a priority are no longer that important, and I spend more time with my Father now, and reaching out to others.
    Someone once said that God is the Master Weaver, He spins the pattern of our lives, and with the addition of each colorful thread, see's the pattern he has designed. We on the other hand see the pattern from the other side, with all its tangled threads and knots. I personally don't know if any of us knows the whole plan, but I do know that the overall plan is that He loves us and desire our love in return. He also has provided all that we need, and like any tool that is given us, we must first discover it and then read the directions and learn how to use it.
    I often forget about reading the directions and learning part! I am a jump to it kind of gal. And believe me, it gets me into trouble sometimes!
    Please let us know how we can help.

  5. roxycat

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    Hi,Charlotte i just read your post today and was wondering if i could share some scriptures with you? And could you expand on your thoughts of how your feeling? I would love to hear you out and see if i could help you.
    All i can tell you is that God gave us feelings and emotions and he knows we have good ones and bad ones.Even the Isrealites in the old testement (which are a picture of us and our walk with God)had feelings like you.God had rescued them from Egypt,from the torture of Pharo and led them through the red sea and the Isrealites still had feelings towards God that probably look bad to us.God not only rescued them from Egypt (picture of the bondage of sin)but fed them manna from heaven and quail and they still had doubted God..But you know what!! the cool thing is God is full of mercy and just totally understands us.He knows the number of hairs on your head.He knows your every thoughts.Everything..So im sure he understands how you are feeling inside.I think a good book in the bible for you to read would be Job...And King David in Psalms,a lot of times it seemed as tho he felt like all of us at times.
    I have gone through soooooooooooo many different phases in my walk with the Lord..from super on fire for the Lord to where am i now? Why? How could this be? doubtful..everthing you can imagine..But its a journey..God will come through with us no matter what..He is sooooo faithful..i have stories of his faithfulnees in my life and i was totally faithless and just felt kinda like you kinda madish...So God Bless you and keep the faith..If you'd like to write back and just share your heart a little more....would love to help in any way..and i will pray for you..Your friend and sister in Christ..