in much pain need prayers and love

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    hey all . i have been to the er a weel ago and to the flamily doc three times , to the gastro doc once and to the urologist once . i have had a c.t scan an abdomen ultrsound, a pelvic ultrasound. vaganial ultrsound and i still do not know what is wrong and why i am having pain in middle of stomach and low right pain. they said they could not see my appendix with the c.t an dthey could not see it with the ultrasound. the er said i had a bladder infection but the other doc said i did not. have been on cipro for a week . she is sending me to a surgeon tomorrow at 11 :00 and see what he wants to do. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee please pray for me . i am scared. i am not scared of surgery it is the meds. i am allergic to almost everything. i know this will sound awlful ,but i am praying it is the fm. is that terriable?they did find out that the cyst on my addrinal gland has growed and they want to do surgery on that but i asked him to wait after CHRISTMAS and lets pray that god will stop it from growing. i just want to feel better. iam so down. can't help crying. please you all help me with any info if any one has same problems with stomach . thanks for listening to me. does anyone know about razorqueens daughter yet . i have her and kody mac on my mothernlaws prayer chain in kentucky. hugs and love to all . collette
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    How overwhelming this has to be!

    You are in my prayers and thoughts.

    Thinking of you..


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    (((((BIG HUGS)))))))

    I'm sorry you feel so bad, sorry for the possible surgery, and sorry you are scared...but I don't blame you for that!

    I will pray for the doctor's visit tomorrow. And, by the way, it's not bad to wish it is are allergic to drugs and that must put you in a terrible position. I am so sorry. I will pray for peace and strength for you...

    Take care of yourself. Let us know what goes on and what else we can pray about for you. Know that we care that all this is as treatable as possible...without drugs or with ones that you can tolerate.

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    Do you take any dietary supplements? Just wondering because chromium supplements put me in the hospital for 3 days with horrible stomach pain. They ended up doing ultrasounds of my liver, gallbladder, etc. Found nothing wrong.

    I'm the one who figured out it was the chromium. I just have a really bad history with dietary supplements, but I can take a regular no iron vitamin. Doctor said it couldn't be the chromium, but it was.

    I hope you'll feel better soon. You must be close to losing your mind over this?

    Sending prayers to you to feel better,
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    ~*Gentle Hugs*~ sweet & lots of prayers coming your way.
    I went through something similar recently, & the pain drove me up the wall. I ended up in the local A&E everyday & I was certain that it was appendicitis :(
    I had an U/S done & they couldn't see my appendix & I had total blood work up done, which was fine.
    Since then the pain comes & goes, but thankfully has never gone back to the same intensity.
    Really hope that you are feeling better soon & that you have some answers.