In My Next Life ,,I'm gonna be a Bear!,,,,,,,Funny

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  1. sisland

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    " In My Next Life i Want to be a Bear!"

    In this life i am a woman,,,But in my next life i want to be a Bear! When your a bear you get to hibernate 6 months out of the year!

    Before you Hibernate your supposed to eat your self silly!

    When your a female Bear you give birth to your Kids while your asleep! Who by the way are the size of Walnuts when they are Born!

    When you Wake up they are particaly grown cuddly cubs! I could definetly deal with that!

    If your a Momma Bear everyone knows you mean buisness! You swat anyone who bothers your cubs!,,

    and when the Cubs get out of line you can Swat them too!

    If your a Bear your mate exspects you to wake up growling!,,,lolol!

    He also exspects that you will have hairy legs and Excess Body fat!,,,,,,,,,,I could definetly deal with all of this!

    Yup Gonna Be A Bear!

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  2. rockgor

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    good plan to me, Sis.

    Here's a riddle someone posted last year. What is Smokey the Bear's middle name?

    And what does Smokey sing?

    And how does he play soccer?

    May I have the envelope, please. The answers are:

    1) The

    2) Bearitone

    3) Bearfoot.

    Gentle Bearhugs to all.

  3. sisland

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    Very cute! Ok,,,,one more,,

    How does Smokey Get by out in the woods?

    (With the Bare Necessities),,,,lol Plus you know that Bears now sell Toilet Paper! lolol,,,
  4. sisland

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    bump for more bear lovers!,,,lol