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    To put my story in a nut shell, a couple years ago I was stricken with chronic fatigue syndrome. The muscle pain, the fatige, you know all the hallmarks, there was no doubt that was what it was. I went on anti depresants for a year and a half, which helped. Now iam off and after a few months of relief it came back, but not nearly as strong. I read some of the other post and I feel so bad for some, cause I know how it feels to be bed stricken, however, at this point I can live fairly regulary, do much of what I want to, as long as I pace it. My question is what does this mean, am I really getting better? I know its still there, but it doesnt control me. What should I expect from this and should I be working to further beat it or am I at a fixed plain. I just need some advice
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    Welcome to our board.

    CFIDS can be managed and pacing oneself is one of the best ways to do it. These illnesses can come and go. Some get better and stay that way, some get worse, and some have ups and downs. Let's hope you are going to stay better.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Walter, welcome to our world. I don't have CFS, but I do have Fibro. I did have a year at one stretch without any pain or symptoms, then it came back with a vengence.

    Like CrazyVickie experienced, I lost my much loved young son in law, and then six months later my younger brother (only sibling), and I went crazy with the pain, headaches, etc. for years.

    Lately, as of a year ago I am doing pretty good. I have pain, but I can function, its not the spasms and the headaches etc. right now.

    I am sleeping normal, and I think for Fibro (I don't know about CFS), that is a major reason we have this one.

    Again, welcome to the board, and I do hope you stay with us.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I still have a great deal of fatigue so I can do about 20-30% of what I used to before FMS. My pain is much better also. This is due to management with meds and how I manage what I do.

    If I tried to live at 50% of the pace I used to I would end up in a huge pain flare and in bed for days with no energy.

    I don't let that happen due to management but I am not necessarily better. I also have a dozen of symptoms that go along with FMS like IBS, trouble with hormonal levels, insomnia, etc. These are still around so they take management too. If I were just managing fatigue and pain I would be doing much better. So, you may have many other things going on with your body (I hope not) but this always factors into a person's wellness.

    Lynda B.
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    sorry denzian, I never was a painter,
    But thanks for the advice, I do believe Iam healing but the thing is, no matter if I pase myself, I cant forever aviod stress. But thanks again -walter