in need of help to buy klonopin& restoril not covered by Medicare

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    2 of the medications I taken for chronic debilitating pain are "not" covered by Medicare's RX drug prescription plan. The 1st one is Kolonopin(clonazepam generic 1mg 3 times per day & Restroil 45 mg (tempazepam) at bedtime. I thought i had the problem taken care of but was misinformed by person working at Sam's Club Scranton,Pa. I'm a single male disabled on Medicare & have Blue Cross & blue Shield a a supplement insurance but don't offer either a prescription or dental plan.So my dilemma is finding a prescription drug plan or someone who knows that sells the 2 above medications which i take generic at a savings price. I've seen advertised prescription drug plans on TV but don't know if any are worth it. I would appreciate any help. Sincerely Chronic pain sufferer
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    Seeing that your on medicare are you going to sign up for the drug plan ? If so there is a list of all the approved ins companys that you can use for your drug plan call them it gives you all there #s and see if the approve those 2 drugs if they do gety them now than switch over to plan D when its time.

    Here are afew good sights for info AARP,need not be member for the info.

    NCOAS on line screening service.

    Hope this helps Sue

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