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  1. Johnna

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    For the past two years, I've been plagued with a laundry list of symptoms. It all started after I got severe gastroenteritis.
    The only things I ever found while looking for my huge list of complaints was CFS and FM. Could someone please help me out? I don't know how much longer I can stand this.
    I have...
    -Constant back, shoulder, and neck pain.
    -Constant headaches and migrains.
    -Weight loss, even though I eat... A LOT.
    -Hypoglycemic symptoms; (very low sugar tolerance.)
    -Knees sponteneously give out.
    -Very weak muscles.
    -Constant leg pain and burning, even when I'm not working.
    -Very loose joints. I can pop my shoulder in and out :p
    -Always tired.
    -Non-restorative sleep, no matter how much I get.
    -Bowel and bladder problems.
    -Hard time concentrating.
    -Clinical depression.
    -Always stiff.
    -Very noticable twitching.

  2. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    Stormy, could you help here?

    God Bless.
  3. intensemom

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    I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I feel very confident that you will get much good advice here to start helping you feel better!!

    First of all, what kind of doctor do you see? and what meds are you on? What have you tried so far?

    I have gone to the FFC in Detroit, MI.(Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center) There are many of them throughout the U.S. I have been helped by them...but they aren't the only answer. This is a truly complicated disease and you will have to know more about it than you ever wanted to. But you have to study it in order to get well. There is no cure; but people are getting better. I am getting better. But I will probably always have this disease. I have learning how to deal with it!

    BTW,'ll get lots of support here!

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  4. aloneandscared

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    I was healthy started having problems in my stomach area test test and my gallbladder was only functioning at 21 percent after it was removed July 5, 2002 I woke with unbearable pain in my lower back radiating down my legs That is so clear because I kept asking them if they dropped me never had I had lower back pain. since test visit to mayo and other dr. I of course have FM and CFIDS Yes to almost everything on your list you could be my twin. It was strange that in my lower back they have found problems but neuro won't touch shoulder, a knot constant on my left shoulder and cannot sit and type to long it burns and both are really tight. migrains never before but now usually attack in the early am 4-5 Zomig works good .at first weight on and off and now back to 5/6 knees, right there with you like they slip out of joint once in a while and my calfs will tighten up in a charlie horse at night the left went out last night and it pops back in but is really sore my right knee just hurts had looked at no problem .weak muscles, leg pain comes and goes more like achey the back popping deal seems quite interesting as I can do it all the timeand makes this crick noise yes tired and sleep meds not working like they were past bladder and bowel is from meds cannot do more than one thing at a time as far as clinical depression I will not admit to that as that is why for four years I have been fighting for my long term due to the fact I had mood swings in 2001 and going thru divorce and kid problems money problems depression always or should I say most always secondary due to the pain and stress of not knowing and even my psychtrist who treated me wrote two letters there is no connection but it is a symtom from the FM/CFIDS. Also have blood work see about HHV6 and Substance P level. The depression I take cymbalta because it is used more with FM patients so I am told we are told alot MY LTD company denied me payment that because I took antidepressents 9 months earlier it caused and or contributed to my disease I will be making a post latter on this to ask for help as I am in battle and need troops. My atty held out medical notes and he is scamming just like them. So watch it re depression if you work as alot of Insurance companies try to blame FM on other things I also twitch sometimes more than often laying down tremors when I get in a hurry or feel like I am being waited on Johnna welcome to the world of Fm CFS Suffers many symptoms you described are of this ugly painful disease It has took me at least 3 years to come to understand and I read everything I can I cannot work I am on SSD I live a lonely miserable life because you dont know day to day how you will function. This happened on my 43 birthday and I will be 47 in two months. So have you had a clear diagnosis read and research and if you have to take something for the pain do not be ashamed if it helps you function I think I heard or read about the Hypoglucemic from infor with Dr. Armandi if that is his name DID things come on gradually it would seem to me mine did and I would thing in my mind what is wrong why is this happening. I have had a couple of small boils on my inner arm cold sores problems with my teeth Does noise bother you and make you anxious I will pray for you. I am attending the conference in KS this coming weekend as I went either last year or before and you gain good info I use a cane sometimes to help me stay stable and helps the knees watch your shoes GOD BLESS /
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  5. Johnna

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    I've had the depression since I was ten or eleven.
    I currently take prozac along with...
    Minerals, vitamin B supplements, NADH supplements, klonopin at night, Malic Acid supplements... and a lot of other stuff. I just started the Malic Acid and NADH... and I've noticed slight improvement with my thinking, along with my arms.
    It's become quite hard to get any doctors to listen to me, as I'm only sixteen years old.
    All of them tell me I have back pain because of bad posture. However, I used to have wonderful posture. I started having bad posture BECAUSE of the back pain. Sitting up straight REALLY hurts.
    I've been on prozac for a while, and I'm no longer really depressed. Being depressed normally messes with my digestive system... but I'm not depressed anymore, and my stomach problems have only gotten worse.
    Is it normal for the upper part of my spine to be really pronounced? It grosses my friends out. :p
    Also, I have reactive hypoglycemia, so I'm constantly eating; yet all I'm seeming to do is lose weight.
    I could sleep for 5 hours, or 15 hours, and I would wake up feeling as if I got no sleep whatsoever.
    It's so hard to keep up with my friends. I feel like I'm sixteen going on seventy! This isn't right! This is so, so wrong.
    At this point... my parents and I are at a loss of what to do.
    The last neurologist we saw laughed at us because I said I'd rather get rid of my chronic pain before my twitching. I'm sure you can imagine my mom's reaction. ^^;;; My twitching has gotten better ever since I started some of the supplements.
    I go to see a rheumatologist on the 31st. Yey?

    aloneandscared: I also get a TON of cold sores and loud noises freak me out easily. They give me anxiety attacks.

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  6. Johnna

    Johnna New Member

    I've just been diagnosed with Hypermobility Syndrome.

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