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    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1998. For the most part, I was doing fairly well but not for the past year. Not only has the pain increased but I am always tired and have missed work. I have tried Provigil and Ritalin and did not do well on them. I would like to hear back from you as to what "energy meds" or for a better word "stimulates" you can recommend.

    I thank you in advance for your input. Regards. Elfie
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    I am in remission now, but have had CFIDS for 13 years and there is ONE THING I SWEAR BY. Spirutein powder. I make shakes with it. Vanilla is best. Within 30 minutes, I feel better- I know that sounds corny, but it's so true that my PHARMACIST husband swears by it for fatigue. Anne
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    I ge tired too soon but I guess mine comes from pain. i hurt trying to get morning things done, then I go for coffee and gain some pep. By afternoon, i am tired!!!

    This "thing' that we are all on, com[puter, does pep me up, reading all youtr stories.

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    Your basic energy, ATP, starts in the cell's mitochondria. These are their food:

    magnesium (glycinate, taurate or malate or easily absorbed)
    coq10 (oil based get cap easily absorbed)
    d ribose
    acetyl l carnitine (more easily absorbed than carnitine)

    I take these every morning before anything else and they work remarkably well.

    For the whole article about how and why they work:

    Some of these subtances are found in food and some the body makes itself. Our broken bodies aren't making everything they should, so I have to get some stuff out of a bottle.

    Make sure you aren't eating a bunch of garbage that will sap you off all your energy. Most of us have a hard time with wheat and dairy. Search for "food intolerance" for more info on those. And, of course, junk foods and sodas and such are not allowed, either!

    good luck,


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