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    hello everyone and thank you for reading this.iam in need of alot of prayer.i have a 15yr old daughter who has bipolar she has dropped out of school,she is at a never ending battle with me.i have been dealing with the fact that now i have r.a. i have five children and i cant do what i use to do im asking for prayer that god may help ,me find my way i been very bitter and angry .

    i been pulling away from everyone.i even went as far as telling my husband to leave our home.i dont want my children to hate me for feeling the way i do please pray for me for i know that only the good lord can help me now

    god has blessed me with a wonderful mother who helps me in everything i do,and he has shown me this site were i have found the most caring people

    for those of you who can please pray for me and my family that the lord may restore my family and that he may give me the courage to make it through this
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    You are going through a very difficult time, but do not lose hope, God's will, will not take you where His mercy can not protect you, remember that!
    I will say a prayer for you and your family.

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    You ask, and it shall be done. Prayers that will help you and your family be restored. I ask the Father to give you strength and courage to fight not only the disease, but the pressures of family and sick children.

    There used to be a member who talked of her bi polar child. I can't recall a name. What about a support board for family?

    Prayers dear.
  4. kgangel

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    I am very familiar with bipolar and what it can do and how it can effect the family

    You will be in my prayers and May God be with you and give you his never ending strength and guidance