In need of prayers,please!!!

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    Hello all, Friday

    My son's best friend,Ben is in a heart hospital in Dc area. he had surgery several years ago for ulcerative colitis and now his immune system attacked his lungs and they sent him home and he is back in the hospital with heart failure. he had two plastic pumps placed yesterday to keep his organs nourished. docs said he would have been dead in 2-3 days without the surgery. he is now on a heart transplant list. of course, this means some family this Christmas will make the ultimate sacrifice so Ben can live. so I am praying for both of the families and Ben of course. he is a wonderful young man. so polite and fun to be around. He and his family lived across the street from us for years. they are both almost 30 and have known each other since kindergarden. We are Catholic and they are Jewish so it has made for some interesting conversations, but not really. I respect all faiths and all that matters is that we all Love God, isn't that right.

    It really puts things into perspective for me and my medical conditions. i have fibro,Ra, and ankylosing spondylitis. I fight Depression all the time. I think it just goes with the chronic disease process,don't you? so, i am realizing alot of people have it alot worse than myself and it is so easy to get involved in your own sufering!!!

    thanks from the bottom of my heart!! May you and yours have a very Merry and Blesses Christmas. i will also remember all of you in my Holiday prayers!!!

    I read a neat quote as someone was saying they were having a hard time with god answering paryers: " Prayer does not work.God works. And God works when people pray"
    Mark Herringshaw and Jennifer Schuchman from their Book
    "Six Prayers God Always Answers"

    I have not read this book, but it might be good for all of us with chronic conditions to read this!!! bye all and take care of yourselves!! Bapakay
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    "Prayer does not work.God works. And God works when people pray"

    It is so true. It seems like praying is opening up a door for God to come in and work in our lives.

    Lord, please help Ben . He is going through life threatening things and that is when You being there is more important than anything. Please Lord, I pray that Ben feels you right there with him , feeling his pain too and comforting him . You are comfort , strength , healing , love , and so much more. I pray that Ben feels all these things.
    Lord , please also cover Bens family and Bapakay's family

    In Yeshua's Holy name(Yeshua is the Hebrew way to say Jesus)

    Amen and Amen

    I am a Jewish beliver in Christ , and it is interesting that you are Catholic and your neighbors are Jewish . We see many "mixed" marrages with those two faiths !