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    Hi all,

    I am in need of some advice. Currently where I work there is talk of a buyout which would probably mean I would lose my job. I don't fear finding another. My skill level allows me to work just about anywhere I chose in the World basically. But am afraid of taken on a new job because of increased stress level and afriad of throwing myself into a major flare. I also live with my Father who is in the beginning stages of Alheizmers and can't really leave alone. Right now it is okay to work within a few miles of home. But I also fear the toll of communiting on my body. I did it for 12 years when I was "healthy" and it was tough. Of course I was married then and had children at home and there were many other stressors. I have had offers for contract positions that would be 1099 positions and I would have to cover my own health care; which is fine with Cobra for 18 months but I will be without disability insurance and know I could not get it on my own. I have a sister that lives only 50 miles from myself and my Father but will not help out. She really has not been around for 20 years. It's funny; well sort of; that I finnally get on my own again, kids grown, grand child, still young at 42 and have to now take care of my parent when I need someone to take care of me; sometimes; I do well on my own but it's tough. That is a whole other posting. I'm just confused should I start looking now and fear losing my job at any moment. An I really hate working here. I hate my boss, I am bored with the SOS. I make good money but I am still 30-40% under market; especially if I take a contract position. Any help or dialogue would be greatly appreciated - thanks Bobby
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    ...yes commuting is very hard with these DDs. I did it for over 3 years. 140 round trip M-F although in situation now I wish I was still doing it...anyway.

    I think you have answered you own question. You do not like you job. If we have to work we should at the very least be happy right?

    It sounds like you and I will be doing the same thing polishing the resumes....

    It sounds like you have a lot of options so it wouldn't hurt to look around would it?

    I know it is scary but it can be exciting as well and remember a lot of the times things are blown out of proportion in office gossip.

    Just make sure you plan for Cobra I did not and was only able to afford it for 9 months it is expensive. I am sure you already know that.

    For myself I just made some bad decisions and I think my FMS had a lot to do with it. Just not thinking clearly when making life changing decisions.

    Best of luck,

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    Since you already hate your job, could you try some contracting while you still have this job to see if its what you want? I think I would be looking in the want-ads and talking to people since you say the job might go at any time.

    My husband and I finally had the house alone again and my oldest son just moved back in Sat. Heart broken and fixing to lose his job in 2 weeks to downsizing his shift.

    Have you looked into the Cobra? It is so expensive, I dont think they want anyone to use it. Good luck

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    Check on all the various Alzheimers programs there is in your area. Speak to some Alzheimers counslers, etc. Do not leave out that you are under a disabilty yourself.

    If your father has assets for help, and maybe that is not even necessary, the financial part. I would look into it.

    Bobby you are still young, but you have a delicate line to balance for yourself. Taking care of Bobby is not selfish. You also have grown children and a grand child that wants you to be your best. I hope my children never have to care for me. Live is too short.

    You can see your Dad and do little things for him, but do not give up your health in doing so. Just make sure he gets good care. Give him a hug now and then and check on what he needs.

    Cobra is expensive, but if you can manage it at all, even if you have to give up a few things, please do it. This is your safety net. We are all hoping for new treatments soon.

    Wishing you all good things.........Blessings........Susan

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