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    Last September (2009) I had anal sex with a prostitute and the condom broke. About 6 days later I started to feel very feverish, my face became flushed, very red, I lost weight, and I had a strong malaise. After a week of this I went to the doctor and explained all of this. They gave me an HIV-1 and HIV-2 test at that time which were both negative. The malaise/flushed face/occasional fever lasted about a month or two. In the last year I have taken two at-home HIV tests, one at six months and one at 11 months. They have both come back negative. Since that time though I have had frequent diarrhea, the flushed face hasn’t entirely went away, I have developed minor sebhorreic dermatitis, The back of my tongue is a bit white (thrush?), I have zits in the middle of my chest that I have never had before, and I have red dots, a keratosis pilaris sort of thing, all over my arms and thighs. In other words, I have developed a slew of skin problems, all of which started a week after the incident with the prostitute. On about 42 different occasions the last year I have been convinced I have HIV, yet the home tests have come back negative. Does anyone know what else this could be? I am a 36 year old white male. Advice, please!
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    Welcome to the board. Sorry to hear about your situation.

    Have you been getting medical attention since the initial visit? There are no
    doctors here to advise you. Just fellow posters w/ their own medical problems.

    You may want to visit the AIDS board which is on this site. (See the upper right
    hand corner.) Last I looked, it wasn't too active though.

    I don't know much about AIDS. I understand the disease has a long incubation
    period. Would it have shown up w/in a week? Better see what the
    experts have to say. Good luck to you.

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    ProHealth doesn't provide any doctors for the boards, and you did say you were "in need of some sound advice." That sound advice will come only from an actual doctor that does a full examination and testing of you. No amount of home tests or internet boards can replace that and it's time to set your mind at ease too. Please see a doctor now, be totally honest, get a full exam and testing and after you have your results--ask how often you should be professionally tested in the future for HIV/AIDS. Good luck.
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