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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Loridee, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Loridee

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    My family is in desperate need of prayer. I read another painful day's post, and I too am in a similar situation.
    My two daughter's dad has recently gotten involved with a woman who is the mother of my 15 year olds best friend. Daughter has always been the apple of daddy's eye, she is his look alike, and he has always favored her over her 12 year old sister.
    Now Valerie is being displaced by dad's new girlfriend, Michelle. Valerie was very attached to her before her dad got involved. Now she can't stand Michelle.
    Dad has no time for her, and I can see that it's breaking her heart. When the kids go over, he stays in the bedroom with Michelle, ignoring my kids.
    Tomorrow my husband and I are going to Daytona for the races. The girls are supposed to stay with dad, but Valerie doesn't want to, she says she wont. Dad says he wants them with him while I'm gone.
    My heart is breaking for my daughters, and i feel rotten for leaving them when they don't want to go.
    My sister planned this trip, bought the tickets for the race without me knowing about it. I can't back out, even though the thought of it fills me with dread.
    We moved last weekend, and I am having the flare to beat all flares. It's noon and all I have done is sit on the computer in my nightgown. I have to pack and I don't have the energy.
    I can't get excited about going, even though it's a dream come true for a big NASCAR fan like me.
    Please, everyone, I desperately need prayer like I've never needed it before. Pleas pray that my daughters will be o.k. and that I will have the strength to go on this trip. I don't want to let everyone down, but I don't know how I will make it.
    Thanks for listening, I know I am rambling.
  2. J-in-Ohio

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    I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Maybe your daughters and their dad will work things out while they are with him for a while. I pray that God will watch over all of you. And try to have fun at the race. I would love to see a NASCAR race!
  3. Mikie

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    I pray it all works out OK. I know that if I were in pain, I would cancel if I thought it would be too painful for me to sit like that and possibly bring on a flare. I would hate to let anyone down too, but we really do have to put our health first. If you go, I pray that God lifts your pain.

    I also pray for your daughters, especially the one who is having such a hard time. This is one of the most painful situations a child can go through. I know because both my daughters have been through it. I ask God to lift your daughters' pain and allow them to continue to have a loving relationship with their father.

    Love, Mikie
  4. 30feeling80

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    I have said a prayer for your daughters, specifically Valerie. I have also prayed for God to open the eyes of their dad and Michelle, instill in them compassion, understanding, and above all selflessness.

    Saying a prayer for your healing, physical and emotional. This must be very difficult for you.

    God will take care of you, your children, too.
  5. blessings

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    Dear one, I agree with Shirl that perhaps you would be better off not going on that trip. There will be more races.
    With this disease, its impossible to not let someone down sometimes. Thats the nature of this illness and the stress you are experiencing over the children and their father is adding to your physical and emotional downward spiral.

    Lori, is your, (i presume) ex-husband aware of the pain he is causing his children? Sometimes men have to be told. Rather than a phone call, I suggest a letter. You can be more expressive and it is easy to get into an argument over the phone or in person, but in a letter, things can be clearly stated and not easily forgotten.

    Meanwhile, I pray that God will give you wisdom in this situation. I also pray that God will open the eyes of the girls fathers understanding and heart for them. I pray especilly for the children. Dear Lord, please do not let them feel the pain of rejection that wounds so deeply.
    I ask that in Jesus name. Lori, surely the girls father does not want to live with regret over time lost with his children, which is what is going to happen if right decisions are not made soon.

    Lori, I also ask that God give you relief from this flare and peace in your heart. This is not an easy situation to get through, but by the grace of God, He can work it out, if allowed to do so. God be with you all. Love to you, blessings
  6. dash

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    Lori, I will be praying for the many needs of your family; partifularly for the restoration of your daughters and father's relationship, their well being this weekend and that the Daytona will be a fun event for you and not tax your bealth.

  7. danny3861

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    I will certainly be praying for you and your family to be blessed by the Lord. May the Lord hear all of our prayers and lift yall up and may he draw everyone closer to him.
    In Jesus name I pray, amen.