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    Hello everyone,

    Can anyone reccomend a good, understanding pain doctor in springfield illinos who has not been ruined by drug seekers. The drug seekers have hurt the people such as myself in real need of opiate pain meds! I am on a medical leave of absence from work due to degenerative disc disease, severe osteo arthritis in spine and knees. I could go on and on I am 300 pounds and am also fighting with my insurance company Health Alliance HMO to have WLS but have been denied twice due to my hypothyroidism. Any assistance with a doctor would be so appreciated! Thank you!!!

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    Will one of the Dr.s who diagnosed your disc disease or arthritis not help you?? That seems ridiculous to me. Undertreating pain is a crime!
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    Thank you for your response! My doctor was has sadly passed away. The doctor who took over looks like a 12 year old and has know idea what real pain is! He keeps telling me to lose weight & the pain will not be as bad. However, with my hypothyroidism & diabites not to mention I can't stand or walk for over 30 seconds to 1 minute it is impossible for me to lose the weight on my own! I have been trying to have weight loss surgery for 2 years and I just got another denial letter from health alliance due to my thyroid not being at a normal level for 6 consistent months. It is a viscious circle! I am at my witts end! I can't keep on in this kind of pain! All I do is lay on the couch with my feet above my heart so the swelling stays down in my legs, feet and ankles!
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    Although your doctors seem to be giving you a hard time about the WLS, maybe you can work with them for 6 months and then they will realize "gee, she's been working with us, but it's not working and maybe we should refer her for WLS."

    First even thin people get hypothryroidism, so as long as it is controlled by medication I don't see where that is any problem. The diabetes is a concern because it can cause coma but it isn't impossible.

    How about talking to the medical plan's nutritionist and working with him/her for about 6 months, explaining the swelling in your feet, legs and ankles too. Remember that some of the WLS doctors can and do require you to be on a special diet for 6 months prior to the weight loss surgery as proof that you can do it after the surgery. So go along with the nutritionist, and keep in touch with your doctors and if there is no change in the diabetes, the legs, etc. then I think you would have a good basis to change their minds. Plus you are ahead of the game to show any WLS doctor that you have been on a special diet for 6 months and could do it after WLS surgery. Good luck and hugs.

    P.S. I forgot to mention. Try the Weight Loss board on hear and they discuss WLS and may have ideas for you there.
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