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    I am 50, feel most days 80....
    I missed alot of school as a kid. Always going to the nurse, I didn't feel well but no real "reason" why. In high school I started falling asleep at my desk. Still no "reason" why! After having 3 kids, and not keeping the house clean enough, or not having any sexual enrgy left at the end of the day, my Ex divorsed me using laziness as an issue. He left while I was at the hospital with my dying Mother! 1 year later I lost my brother. I went on prozac. I did ok for a while until my son had a mental breakdown. I was working at a very high paced, multi-task job when the
    FOG set in. I started haveing pain in strange places. And yes.. again, falling asleep at my desk! After many many tests, and more blood work than I can count, many specialists later I was diagnosed with FM. I got SSI at my 1st hearing. My medical records, which I made the Doctors offices copy for me (not without protest, but I insisted LOUDLY) showed that I had been complaining of the same symptoms for years. I highlighted all the things that pertained to FM for the judge. So now its been about 3 years and I finaly have a lable to my misery. FM.

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    I looked at your Bio--beautiful, beautiful child--is that your grandson? He must be such a joy in your life.

    I'm so glad you got your SS. I'm currently fighting my insurance company and it so stresses me out and sends me into contant crash-mode.

    I'm 56 and was recently dx'd with CF/FM after getting mono; still trying to accept it. Just saw a new doctor that I got off this board so I'm really hopeful.

    Best to you.

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    with my youngest child 12 then......there were times in my life when I felt half my age. I guess now I feel my age, but then I look around at others my age and they seem slower for sure.

    Most people think I am about 50, so I guess I feel 50. EXCEPT when in a flare and I feel and look 103.

    Love Anne C
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    I will be 51 in JULY. I have not felt good since I was in my mid 20s, but the FM has gotten worse the past 3 yrs.

    Good health to all.
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    I was chronically ill all through my childhood. I had Hepatitis in 4th grade, the 5th disease in 6th grade, pneumonia, chronic infections of one sort or another. After the hepatitis I was taken to Mayo clinic for the terrible leg pain that went on over the next several years. I am now 53 and realize the now named FM has been with me forever. It has left me fragile and tired. Most days I must be 80.
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    I'm not telling....

    but somedays 30, others 70!

    So I'm somewhere in between, huh!

    Seriously, I was a failure to thrive baby. Had whooping cough, too. Mother had 5 pgs in 48 months. Three of us siblings, each 18 mos apart, 2 were miscarried. Dad said all he had to do was look a Mom and she was pg. They were young 18 & 19, high school sweethearts.

    I had terrible leg pains when I was about 14 or so, called "growing pains". I used to beat on my legs with my hands and cry. Don't know what that was, really.

    I'm so glad you got your disability, I hope for you it will take some stress off and help you have more time to learn from this site and how to cope with your pain and low energy.
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    That can't be you in the picture! You don't look your age!
    I am 46 and feel like I have really aged this past year. I have more circles under my eyes and wrinkles.
    I too was a sickly child. Missed a lot of school and then work when I got older. Been accused of being lazy.
    I am youngest of 10 kids. Some of my older siblings think I'm not sick, just want attention or something.
    Still working part time, but also fall asleep at my desk!
    Hang in there Sheri!