In regards to is FMS a type of Rhemy I think not

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    If this is true why does so many women on my mothers side have it at different degrees. My sister was diagnosed last year. My cousin on my mothers side who is a lot older them me was just here and her sister and her daughter has it. I have a lot of her cousins on my mother side that have it. We all have different problems that go along with and a lot of the same. On my other side of the family I have a family full of arthritis, spine disorders, etc and none of them have it. This rational does not make since to me. There is more to FMS and that is why the finally decided to put it in it's own category and call it FMS as it did not fit into the other categories yet there has to be a cause to why so many people have the same points and are having similar symptoms. My spine is a mess I was just diagnosed with more as it has progressed yet I do not believe my spine is causing my FMS yes it is causing me a lot of additional pain and it is magnified my FMS. But why when I stub my toe does it hurt ten times more then it does the average persons? Why does the other side of the family not have it but my mothers side all so much of it. My aunts spine was so bad she ended up in a wheel chair but she did not have FMS and that was on the other side of the family. Anti inflammatory do not help my FMS only pain pills but the muscle relaxers help my mid back from car accident but do not help FMS. Anti inflammatory will help arthritis but not FMS when I was able to take them. I know what helps what as I have all. So the theory does not ring true. If it did they would have named it as a Spine disease or a Rheumatism disease but it is neither. I believe that additional things wrong with you which I have do escalates the FMS and contributes to your pain symptoms. I also believe if you fix all those other things you would feel a lot better and be able to function pretty good like I could in my earlier years prior to it progressing but I do believe that it is progressive and I believe that there is something causing us to have more pain then the normal person. I do believe our life styles gage the degree of what degree of pain and what other things are wrong with us will determine how bad the FMS will get and how much pain we will live in. Never judge another person with FMS.
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    I think you are quiet right in saying that FM is not a rheumatism. It is not a form of arthritis at all, yet in many countries FM is a disease that comes under rheumatology and arthritis associations.

    FM is clearly a neuro-immune disorder but there appear to be different forms or variations to it.

    In your case, as in many cases we observe that FM accelerates osteo-arthritis and the spondylo-arthropathies (which we know involve inflammatory immune pathways), particularly of the cervical and thoracic spine. I think probably of the whole spine but the cervical and thoracic deterioration seems to cause more pain and dysfunction, making it show up. So after 15-20 years of FM the "normal wear and tear" (as they call it) will be worse than would be expected because of the FM.

    I find your posts interesting but hard to read, could you put some paragraph spacing in there - makes it easier to read for all of us. Thanks