In Remission For 1 Month Now

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. sharon5650

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    I feel bad because when I am in a remission I never come on here...but my boyfriend said...Go on and tell them, as it brings some hope to them too...I have been in a great remission for a good month now. I have no pain, lots of energy..I have been running around, shopping, working part time, and guess what? I am moving too. I have been packing up and getting ready for the big day. Don't worry though..its defineatly on my mind !!! when is it coming the big RELAPSE>>>>> I think when I get settled in to the new place...who knows right?? I always hope just maybe I beat it this time...I only wish !! but I have been through this before, long remissions...then boom !!! but for now I will enjoy this...and tune it with you guys when its over...I want to tell you though, I love all you guys, and my thoughts are always here "believe me" ...the only thing I did that changed...was "pray" because I knew I was moving...I went on to "Alertec" and maybe this helped...I feel somewhat more Sharon5650
  2. mrdad

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    Wonderful!! I'm glad you're feeling pretty well. Thanks for checking in with us. It's been a bit better for me this week also as I have awaken each morning with just limited brane frog but crash in the P.M.!! Any relief is appreciated. You're fortunate to have a boyfriend who is so understanding and supportive.

    Maybe I'll try to go out and find a new girlfriend and hopefully experience what you have. But I'll probably have to write her name in ink on my hand so I don,t forget!

    Hope you continue to feel well.

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