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    My familly will never believe in this illness, or understand my pain. They are and always have been manipulative selfish people. Only my closest friends see what has happened to me and care. My familly thinks the docs are wrong, and nothing on this board will change their minds. I have worked extremly hard for years to get the things I own, and they are very important to me, wether material possesions are important or not. I have been called every name in the book that could be an insult to someone with this disease by familly, and friends. The only reason anyone in my familly has ever helped me is to have something to throw in my face when they need to vent. I mean no insult by any of this to you, just letting you know what I know and feel bout the situation. I have to depend on them, and they exploit that to the fullest.
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    Greg, you need to see a counselor re this situation with the fa,mily. This is Anne now, as I understand I should not be getting DH to type for me. The message he typed for me was deleted. I did not understand that rule, so I am typing this.

    I cannot stay on long but I still would urge you to get a counselor.

    If by family you mean parents etc then maybe you need some separation if they hurt you this much.

    I did not mean to imply that possessions are not nice, but rtaher your health is the most important thing and that means calmness and acceptance by those around you.

    I am glad you have some close friends. I have to tell you I wish my DH still did, as most pay lip srevice is all.

    This is a bad illness. Have you tried the guai or otherprotocol?

    I also think that trying to just eat as healthily as you are able to helps a lot too.

    I am really sorry your family is abusive. Maybe they wuld be this way even if you were not sick. Is it the sickness or the fact they like to abuse people? You say you depend on them, is this that you have to live with them? Maybe you could find a roommate situation somewhere else?

    I cannot stay on, back hurting.

    Take care.
    Anne C
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