In seach of a doctor in Allentown PA for documentation ASAP

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    The problem: I cannot seem to find a doctor to documment all of the tender points that they say that I have. Anybody else run into this problem? I'm on a search for a doctor in the Allentown PA. area that can help me with this documentation and also in trying to obtain some relief. I've been on meds and don't mind taking them if they work. This problem is becoming very frustrating on top of all of the pain that is going on. I've been trying to obtain this documentattion for months for my disability policy through work and have seen numerous doctors all agreeing that fibro is the diagnosis. 1 doc says 3 points, another says all points and yet another has found points that are't even listed for the diagnosis of fibro.I need help with this ASAP if any one can help. I stand to loose a hefty some of income not to mention my old job even though I have been out on a doctors slip for 6 months. If I can't get the needed documentation for work by 12/23/05 I'll not only loose the short term bennefits but also the long term ones as well, not to mention that my 401K is in jepordy because of this. Some one please help.
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    While I'm not sure if these doctors can provide the documentation you require, you might call their offices and ask (it can't hurt)before setting up an appointment.

    There IS another very knowledgeable & thorough (but rude - IMHO) rheumatologist in Bethlehem, but I don't want to give the name of this doctor to anyone unless all other avenues have been exhausted. Trust me: you don't need the aggravation!

    Try the doctors listed below, instead, and please let us know if they can help you. All three of these names have been recommended by their FMS/CFIDS patients.

    Marzena L. Bieniek, MD
    (Adult Rheumatology - solo practice)
    352 Fifth St. Suite B
    Whitehall, PA 18052
    (Off Fullerton Exit of Rt. 22)) Phone: 610-432-8185

    Allen J. Samuels, MD
    East Penn Rheumatology Associates
    701 Ostrum St. Suite 501
    Bethlehem, PA 18105
    (In the St. Luke's Hospital Doctors Pavilion, Fountain Hill, PA) Phone: (610) 868-1336

    Dr. Kerry Miller
    College Heights Blvd...
    Allentown, PA
    (no further information)
    (suggested by another FMS patient on an earlier thread)
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    Any guess as to why so many doctors refuse to document their findings? Is this a conspericy of some type between the doctors?
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    I have called them and also sent an email to them twice and have not had a responce from them.

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