in search of a doctor that supports me being disabled

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    i have been fighting with fibromyalgia, anxiety attacks, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome and depression since being diagnosed in october 2004. ive tried numbers of medications with no help for the pain. i stopped working in may 2005 but now my doctor is pushing to get me going back to work. i can barely get out of bed, between being tired, in pain, exhausted, trouble concentrating, migraines, anxiety attacks etc. how am i supposed to hold down a job to support me and my three daughters. any help would be appreciated. i'm in southern california. thanks
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    I was going through some older posts and noticed that no one had responded to your message. I am sorry you have a doctor who is nonsupportive of your inability to work. Are you keeping any records that will support your case in getting disability? Like job evaluations that maybe say you took too much time off of work or that your work quality became poor? Anything that will show you are unable to work and why.

    Also, I would get my medical records from this doctor. They might give you a hard time about it, but by law they have to give them to you. I imagine that his records won't help you much, but there may be something in there that can document your worsening physical condition.

    I am still working and hope I can continue, but I have been keeping a disability file for years. I put anything in there that might help my case down the road if I should have to file. Job evaluations, needing to cut my hours twice, etc.

    You might want to post a message asking if anyone knows of a good doctor in your area who is supportive and knowledgeable about FMS. Or perhaps a good lawyer who specializes in disability cases might know of a doctor in your area. Your area should have some good doctors and disability lawyers.

    Hope this helps.