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    Dear All,

    This is my first time posting; I'm turning to this online Parkinson's-specific community in hopes of finding resources to aid in the care of my grandmother.

    My maternal grandmother has Parkinson's disease, and is fairly far-along in disease progression. She is 88 years old, and also has Parkinson's related dementia. She currently resides with my parents with the aid of a daytime, night time, and weekend care giver. She does require the assistance of these caregivers to facilitate movement as well as to manage her mental state, which tends to worsen as the day goes on.

    We are in the difficult situation of having the daytime caretaker resign; thus, I am hoping someone might have a suggestion for a resource or network that provides at-home care for people with Parkinson's, and if possible, those specifically with dementia.

    I am extremely open to any and all suggestions - our goal is to keep her at home in the Washington DC area and under our care, and hopefully avoid a nursing home situation where her care will almost certainly decrease in quality and quantity.

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    Welcome to the board.

    There are several boards at this site including one re: caregivers. See the
    upper right hand corner. That board is not very active, but still might have
    some helpful info.

    Have you checked w/ local health care, mental health resources? Seems like
    your area would be overflowing w/ govt. agencies. Even, possibly, one that
    would be helpful.

    Good luck.

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    I believe when trying to get resources, that's it's a good idea to seek help from everywhere possible. Here are several suggestions that you can try:

    On the Caregiver's Board here, you can begin going through the posts as I know there are many resources there and read the previous page on that Board too. You might want to also post your message on that board.

    You can check the Parkinson's Board here and also post your message on that board and you might also check there for resources too.

    On the Health Board here, the first post IN BOLD has various resources for low cost/no cost for medical and prescriptions. IF YOU SCROLL PAST THOSE RESOURCES IN THAT POST, you will find various organizations and you will find various Parkinson's organizations and you might get further information from them on where to locate at-home help for people with Parkinson's who have dementia and perhaps funding ideas for help at home in your area.

    You can contact your local Independent Living Center (ILC) and they are not for living there, but can provide many resources for those that are disabled. Here is the website to find the one closest to you:

    Good luck and I wish you the very best.