In search of the holy grail

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    The the biggest mystery of the west, has to be the holy grail right. So just exactly what is the holy grail? Well I think I have the answer, it isn't the cup that jesus drank from at the last supper, nor non of the usual suggestions. It's the cure for fibromyalgia of course. Now this should make me a very rich man for suggesting this, but only if and when someone actually finds the cure. As I'am a realist though, I don't expect miracles to appear,(if only) I have found things that help. These are diet, exersice, things to aid digestion, but most notable of the supplements I have taken is evening primose oil 500mg, three to four times a day with food. This for me has been the best. What I would like to know from every one else is If you had to chose just one thing that has helped you more than anything else, what would it be. Now I think I can sense a poll thing here as being appropriate, I know eveyone has made suggestions before, but a gathering of information in one place is always better. So I will put it under the title of the holy grail poll, and hope that everyone will participate, as this will be particularly useful to newcomers to this site.
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