In severe pain - my Dr. NOW won't give pain meds!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wiseeagle, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. wiseeagle

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    Please help! I can't change Dr. because of 2 reasons -- one is fills out my longterm disability forms without any problem.
    Next I can't find a Dr. that will accept Medicare--in the state
    of NC, can see any specialist but can't get a internal medicine
    dr. I have exhausted all the dr.'s here. He say's that HE dosn't feel comfortable prescribing pain med's for me now. I've been with him 3 yrs. and during these years he has prescribed Oxycontin, Fenntyl patches -- I was the one who weened myself off. I'm an RN. I have mutiple problems like
    Chronic Lyme disease, mercury toxicity and of course Fibromyalgia and CFS. HELP any ideas!
  2. I like your name. My drs. are jerks also when it comes to giving me pain meds. I explain to the dr. I use them wisely and only when necessary and got her to give me some. It's the same old story, some people abuse them so we all pay for them and can't get them.
    Doxy, don't you need a script for drugs online? Are they safe?
  3. wiseeagle

    wiseeagle New Member

    Thanks everyone, I live In Raleigh , NC. I've gone to all the intenists here, rhem., neurologists and chronic pain clinic which was a joke--they all were a bunch of nitwits!! What is
    the inline site you were referring to? Please let me know I would rather pay for my med.'s without trying to new a new dr. just for pain relief.

    Light and Love to all!

  4. ohptoo

    ohptoo New Member

    I moved from CA and had a great pain DR. and now I live
    Boise, ID and I'm having the same problem. I have more
    than Fibromyalgia, I was born with Sprengel Deformity, and
    Kippel-Feil syndrome. When they did the surgery when I was
    3 or 4 yrs old. I'm 42 now and still can't find a DR. My
    spine is moving to the left shoulder blade and I have MRI
    and X-Rays showing it, and the Drs.? I've seen haven't even
    looked at them. I also have been sick all my life, I feel
    good for awhile then all of sudden I come down sick, to where I can't even get out of bed. I'm so sick of drs. that
    I've almost to the point of giving up, it's like they say
    the people that don't have any problems and abuse them cause trouble for the people that do need them. I would also like to know where online you can order. I'm so tired
    of going to drs. just the thought of it makes me sick. They
    think they know it all, but they don't know nothing.
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  5. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    I sure can't help you. My doctor gave me a prescription for Flexeril and thought himself quite generous. Am thinking of voodoo to inflict on him.
    Be careful of online meds, ask alot of questions, get references.
  6. mhammie

    mhammie New Member

    Sometimes I wonder how some of these doctors passed their state examines? If they passed with flying colors, then maybe they need to have more classes on listening skills in medical school.

    Somedays if I had the strength I'd like to just shake them and ask them if they have a hearing problem?

    Of course they are not the only professionals that are nitwits. My brother has a nitwit attorney concerning his child.

    All these nitwits must have some genetic connection. LOL

    Wiseeagle, it sounds like your in the same boat I am. I think I will contact the only good rheumy left in this state, although it's 1 1/2hr drive. From what I've been told, at least he has some compassion for people that are suffering.

    Why the sudden change that your doctor won't help you get some pain relief?

    Doctors are like husbands, can't live with them, can't live without them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. JLH

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    As we have discussed before here, this war on drugs that they are making up all kinds of laws on only affects the "good guys" (us) and not the druggies and drug dealers on the streets!

    Did you have a serious talk with him and ask him WHY he has prescribed oxycotin, fenntyl patches, etc. for you in the past, and now has determined that he is NOT comfortable prescribing them for you?

    He must realize that you are responsible if you have weened yourself off of them before. What does he suggest that you do now for pain relief? Did he offer any alternatives?

    Can he help find you a pain doctor fairly close by that will accept Medicare?

    Have you tried meds like Cymbalta which will help with your fibro pain, and Neurotin? What about some muscle relaxers for nighttime like Zanaflex?

    I have read on the internet somewhere, don't know if it was here or not, about a natural herb by the name of "Kratom" that is supposed to work like a pain pill (hydrocodone). You might check into this more.

    Maybe if you have a specialty store in your town, you can go there and talk with a knowledgeable employee about different herbs and supplements that are supposed to help pain ... and try a few. Maybe do some research on the internet first and see what you can come up with. This might be your only avenue if you can't find anyone to prescribe you any meds.

    Take care and (((Hugs)))
  8. marykate8

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    I took percocet for 3 years --- doctors would write a scrip for sixty which would often last me 18 months --- I would only take 1/2 a tablet at a time as they made me spacey or perhaps, stoned if I took a whole one. Then one of my other doctors said, that the "shelf life" was 12 months! Anyway, my primary care doc decided last spring to change me to the 800 milgram Motrin. It is not working this week.
    And I am not certain if she would write a script for just a few percocet!
    I do remember reading or hearing some years ago about a problem some doctors were having in the Carolinas with either the federal drug agency or the state one because they thought the docs were over prescribing. It's really too bad those who use drugs for reasons other than pain have caused this fear on the part of the doctors.
    Reminds me of the fact that some areas are now starting to require prescriptions for certain cold and sinus medications because they are now being used in meth labs!
    Would certainly be good if someone could really let us all have the medicine we need to live with a better quality of life!
  9. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    of Pain Medicine. They have a list of doctors on their website that are trained in the use of all sorts of pain medication including narcotics. They are truly advocates of the chronic pain patient.

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