In So Much Pain. . .Help, Please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bamboo, May 2, 2003.

  1. bamboo

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    i can hardly sit at the computer, so i hope i can make this coherent. last week, i slept badly one night, had a nightmare and woke up with a pain on my left side around the rib area. it was tolerable for several days, but did not leave. yesterday, it got so bad that whenever i took a breath i called out in pain and could barely talk. on a regular basis, i take trazodone, valium, prozasin (for ptsd), and atenolol for hypertension/mitral valve prolapse. i have xanax available for anxiety, but don't need it much. i have a long, familiar story about doctors (in this case, a couple of naturopaths) who treated me for a while for the fm and then implicated that my lack of significant improvement (getting colds, tendonitis, etc.) was my doing, i.e., i wasn't progressing according to their unstated expectations. now, i am basically without a doctor, although i met with one a couple of weeks ago who is an md with a holistic bent, but she told me she is a "medication minimalist". i called her office yesterday (friday afternoon) for help, asked for the doctor on call, and was given a nurse who told me to go to the er. my husband called a psychiatrist i have seen only once (i'm required to see one for the valium/xanax prescrips) and after several hours he answered his page, said he didn't remember me, couldn't help me without seeing me, and didn't have an appt. avail. this weekend - end of conversation. in desperation, i called an acupuncturist i've never met and since i could barely talk on the phone due to pain, he set up an appt. for me this morning (sat. - they're normally closed for business), hoping he could help. i have been taking tylenol and xanax because i can hardly move with this pain. deliberated at length about going to er, but decided against because i am very sensitive to meds and wouldn't know how to get their help with that. i don't know where to turn for help - it's the weekend. i am thinking i have developed some sort of a spasm. i which is causing so much pain. i can't stay asleep - the pain woke me up at 3 am and here i am. this is frightening and it's very hard not knowing where to turn. acupuncture might help, but may not be able to tolerate the needles with this much pain. please. . .any suggestions would be so appreciated.
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    my opinion is to go to the ER. Of course you would need good insurance to cover all the tests that will likely occur, and you might wind up with a costrochondritis diagnosis after all of that, for which anti-inflammatory meds are usually prescribed.
    I assume you've already tried heat to the area and mild stretching following the heat..
    good luck.
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    you have been brave but dont make yourself suffer go to the er please
  4. Shirl

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    I hope by now you have been to the doctor, I have been in that much pain, I know how you feel. I wish I could reach out and make it all go away for you!

    I am no doctor, but that rib pain sure sounds like 'Costa Chondriasis', I get this and it is very painful, the definiation is; 'inflammation where the muscles join to the bones of the ribs'. Quite common when you have Fibro.

    What I take for this is; Xanax (0.25 milligrams), then a half hour later 1 Advil gel capsule (OTC). I got this combination from Devin Starlanyl's book. It does work.

    Devin claims that the Xanax enhances the pain killing effects of the Advil gel capsules, plus Advil is a antinflammatory med.

    Its worth a try untill you can get some medical help, and since you already have Xanax.

    Also a heating pad on the painful area will help also.

    Let us know how you are doing,

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. lorgirls

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    Ive had this pain also. What worked for me was 2 Darvacet and a soma.Mine lasted a bout a week.I thought it was pluricy.( not sure the spell )It finally just stopped. The meds didnt take it away 100% but helped make it bearable. Just have to take it easy.Also stretching a bit helped.
    Hope it eases up soon,,,,take care
  6. jka

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    hopefully you are doing better by now.i've had the same thing happen to me.i couldn't get off the couch & hardly went on for 3 days before it back seems to come and go.i have found putting emu oil on it helps with the comes just plain oil or with menthol,msm& aloe.either one works.i keep a bottle beside my bed in case i wake during the night.sometimes i can't sleep on my should try to see a doc just to be safe.
    hope this helps.
    kathy c
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    you all are just so kind - it moves me to tears. i went to the acupuncturist. it helped; i can at least breathe okay now. have debated an er visit at great length due to everyone's thoughts here - will go if the pain gets really bad again before monday. acupuncturist was careful to not diagnose, but thinks i may be able to avoid the er. the psychiatrist called this morning (nice surprise) and said he'd call back this afternoon to see how the acupuncture went, so am hoping he'll follow thru and will be looking at possible changes in medication to help with sleep, etc. also, intend to get into the gp on monday for an exam, etc. it is indeed very painful, but i feel more at ease having the support of all of you - can't thank you enough. i'll let you know what the diagnosis is, if something specific is named. i hope each of you is doing as well as can be.
    you'll sure be in my thoughts all day!
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    I totally empathise with you. I ended up checking myself into a psych ward so I was able to get the help I needed. I had already been to the ER room twice. I guess what came out of that was I was hooked up with a pain dr. who wasn't afraid to prescribe heavy duty pain meds. Which I took for about a year, unfortunately they weren't very effective against the pain. Fibo is a different type of pain, it is generally neuropathic, which traditional pain meds aren't very effective against.

    Hang in there, and keep searching. Try to get hooked up with a pain dr or a pain clinic. Also, see my post about Vitalaxin. I don't know if it will help you because we are all so different, somethings work for some and not others, that is why we have to just keep trying.

    Don't give up. You will find relief.
  9. ladymary

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    I have the same kind of pain. you really need to see someone that is experienced in the treatment of Ankylosing Spondylitis. This disease effects the ribs and lungs and yes it is very painful. Hope this helps. Ladymary
  10. Samies02

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    I do know how you feel. The chest and rib pain was new to me and I had this for 3 days and nights. Couldn't sleep and couldn't eat at all. The only little relieve that I could get was to sit up straight and lean forward a little. Fianilly I could not deal anymore and went to the ER. //They did an EKG and Blood work and Chest Xray. they gave me IV with pepcid and morphine and I drank a mixure of anti-acids with a med that numbs and I did get some relieve. They also gave me a prescription for Protonix 40mg and Bells Alk/PB 4 times a day and this has help little. They suggested that I call my doctor on monday that I maybe getting the beginning stages of Panceritus.( sorry about the spelling ) But, in the past I have had problems with Acid Reflux and my doctor had just recently but me on quinine sulf for leg cramps and I think that this med totally activated the acid relux. This is horrible pain. I also tried to deal just thought it was another FMS problem. I am still struggling with in Pain to some degree but some better. MY thoughts and prayers are with you. Sami from Georgia