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    I am in so much pain and just needed to vent. My ribs and sides hurt so much and on top of it I feel like I am gonna be sick. I am sure the sick feeling is due to being prego but for good ness sake I really don't need any other problems on top of all the pain already. How many of you have pain everyday? I am not talking a little pian here and their. I mean a stabbing kind of pain all day long?
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    Hi smyleymyley,

    I have pain everyday too (I am not prego) and I was purposly coming here to see what pregnant women do for fibro pain? Only because there are a lot of meds out there that help, but what does one do when they are pregnant? There is only so much you can take. I honestly believe that swedish massage will help you too. I just hope it gets releived soon for you :( Take care and hang in there :)

  3. onesmileymyley

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    Hi and thanks for replying so fast. I do not and never have taken anything for the pain as I am a firm believer in your body healing itself. I also see a chriopractor which is a big help. Latly though I have been in so much pain that I am considering asking the doc for some pain meds. My husband almost passed out because I am yelling at him anytime he takes an advil and her I am really thinking about asking for some pain meds as I can not take the pain any more. I was prego 2 times since I got this dd and that was the best I ever felt but for some reason this time is not as pleasent. This is also my 6th child so maybe the more you have the worse you feel. I am 29 and feel 69 and that is no lie. I am a small person and keep myself very fit so when they say this dd hit's unfit people they need a reality check. well now that I have rambled I will go.
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    I sure am sorry you're having so much pain. It's been a while since I was prego but I remember enough to know I wouldn't want to have daily pain along with everything else. And I would rather have anything other than nausea and/or vomiting.

    I still have pain every day, but fortunately it's not the severe severe pain I was having before I found some meds that help a lot. How far along are you? Are you able to take anything that helps you now? I know you can't take strong meds but what about warm baths and rice socks? Maybe a meditation tape? Do they help at all? Maybe you should have hubby give you a massage and rub your back and feet. That would help, I betcha.

    Sorry I can't help or make any suggestions. I'm still very new with this DD and come to this board to learn but I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better. But at least consider yourself hugged. Softly of course.


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    for your pain. I am in pain daily but, not the stabbing pain all the time. Today it's bad because it's raining here. Yes it really does rain in So Cal.

    I agree with the massage, just remember we (FM's) should not get a deep tissue massage it can aggrevate the pain.

    Hope this made sense cause I'm a bit foggy today from the pain meds
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    gee whiz...I feel so bad for ya..I feel guilty feeling bad when I know you are pregnant on top of everything else!

    I do not know if this will help, but you may want to try it. Today, at the chiro, he told me women, especially short waisted and older women, can cause their ribs and hips to hurt (even their stomachs) by how they sit. I started to laugh..but then, I realized how my posture is non existant. I am a sloucher from way back and worse as I get older. He said that when we sit .. like in the recliner or whatever..we should put a pillow in the small of our our spine is straightened out. AND not to lean to one side (like I do) with an arm resting. WHY? You may ask to these statements...I asked him. He said alot of us ..especially when we are sitting..actually have our ribs resting on our hip bones..thus..we get but kicking pain and wonder where the heck it comes from.

    I have gone through a really bad seige and could not figure out what he heck was going on ..UNTIL the chiro told me this. Then it dawned on me how bad my posture was, especially when I am working on my quilt..sitting in the ole recliner. I have started implementing these things...I really think he is on to something.

    Hope some of this might work to give you some relief. I posted a Thread called something like Questions my Chiro Answered ..or something like that. I did what he said for going to bed at night and got my first really good painfree night of sleep last night. I can only hope it will continue and that it will help you too.

    Blessings to you and Gods gift that you are carrying! ..Sherry