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  1. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Its 3:33 Canadian Time and I am in sooo much pain I can't sleep.There is not a spot that is not hurting!!!So I thought I would come on and see how you all are doing.

    Does anyone out there have awfull ankle pain.If I do too much,especially walking,my ankles really pain.They feel like they cannot hold my weight.I have a cane but it hurts my wrists to use it.Silly huh!!!

    I think I will have to get my pain meds upped.

    Any good diets out there.I have gained a ton this summer.

    Cannot do much because of this DD.So what I eat stays there.Tried the green tea.Helped some but did not last.:>(

    Anyone getting snow yet??Brrrr,I hate to think of it,but know it is sure to hit.Last year we got a storm in October.

    Have a new grandbaby,will try to get a picture posted.Boy,7lbs,3ozs.He was one month early too!!He is a sweetie!!

    Well,you all take care!!

  2. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Hi Lukro,

    Thanks for responding to my post.I guess pain is just a big part of this DD.

    You do Acupuncture?? I have heard of others using it for various reasons.My husband tried it for Migraines.Swore it worked.I just don't like the needle part.

    I have tried the little balls that they tape to your ears,pressure points.It did not help.:>(

    So I will go to my doc for stronger meds.But they cause such constipation,no fun!!!

    As for diet,I have to work on that one!!!!

    Take Care!!
  3. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    have you ever heard of search n stim you can buy it on line for about 85 dollars it is accupuncture without needles and you do it yourself ive been using it for a couple of weeks seems to be working on some things .good luck charlene
  4. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Hi Jordane

    Greetings from another Canadian. I am in Ontario. So far no snow in my little area, just a lot of rain and so damp and cold!

    It is raining here again today and nothing but rain forecast for the next week! Blah! the rain really affects my pain and mood levels.

    Sorry you are feeling so miserable. The only thing that really helps my pain in warm water. I have a bathtub with a reclining back and when I get up in the morning the first place I head is for a soak in the tub.

    On the bad days I just lay there and keep adding hot water and reading a book. My neck and shoulders are really bad so this is the only place I can comfortably read!

    I was looking at the photos on your profile! Two beautiful grandsons! You must be so proud!

    I too am having a lot of problems with weight. Some of it is because of my meds but also because I can't be active anymore. I truly don't believe that diets work for me. I may loose but ultimately gain back more.

    So I am trying to learn to love myself as I am and work on what causes me to overeat. Hopefully if I deal with the loneliness and frustration I will quit turning to food.

    I am wearing a toque on my emoticon to show you that "I am Canadian" lol

    hugs Redwillow
  5. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I am sorry you are in such pain today. I get like that, too.
    All i can tell you is what I do during a flare:

    rest, rest, rest.

    I think it is the next best thing after pain meds.

    Rainy here and my body aches right now. Funny how the weather changes the way many of us feel.

  6. browneyelady48

    browneyelady48 New Member

    So sorry you are in so much pain. Hows the weather in Canada, I bet its getting cold and that could have some to do with your pain. I live in sunny Florida and its been cool and damp here and it hurts me. We will all be cring soon with the cold weather.

    About your ankles, yes I can relate to it. My pain is in the back of my legs in the bends and then around my ankles.

    I posted in another post that I was using a nebulazer (cant spell) for copd and for some reason it helps with my leg and ankle pain.

    I hope you have gotten some releif by now. I had a dr appt the other day and while there I ask for something stronger than darvacet for next week. I told him it was me and hubby anniversary and we was taking the travel trailer to the mountains to see the fall leaves. And his comment was dont go north go south. haha. Not what I wanted. Love Brenda
  7. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    As you may have guessed, haha, I'm in Canada too. Ottawa Ontario area.

    YOu may want to try some arnica gel or Traumeel cream for your ankles and other spots where the pain really localizes. Its gives extremely fast relief. Another thing great for feet and ankles is a lemon foot bath. I just use a big soup pot, w/ water as hot as I can take and maybe a third cup sploosh of bottled lemon juice. I get bad pain in my feet, and when the weather is hot and humid it can travel into my ankles too, the lemon bath is the one thing I know will always relieve it.

  8. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Hi All!!!

    It was so nice of all of you to respond to my post,I am back again,it is 1:03am here.South Shore (bridgewater)
    Nova Scotia.

    And yup,I am in pain again,too much walking today.I have got to stop pushing myself.But I am in the house all wk,and then on the wknd I try to do everything at once.

    And I dont know if anyone else on here has the problem with Acid Reflux.But just as sure as I get sleeping, the pain and the food coming back up(yuck!!!)make it so I have to get up.

    The meds I take don't seem to help.

    Haylecole; Thanks for your suggestions!!No I have never been tested for Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome.But I see my doc this week so I will ask!:>)

    Charlene, Search N Stim?? I am not sure what that is.But I will check it out.Thanks!!:>)

    Redwillow; Fellow Canadian,Hi There!!Ontario, My sister lives there!!Warm baths,sounds yummi,will try it!!
    Usually I can lose a little over the summer months,but not this summer,Iwill just have to get used to it.Toque,cute!!Thanks!!:>)

    Nyofan; Thanks for your kind words,they really do help!!!:>)

    Brenda; Sunny Florida,wow,my sister goes there each winter.She loves it.Hope you have a great Anniversary,Aren't the leaves lovely this time of year!!!
    Take Care,Thanks!!:>)

    Prickles;Thanks for your help!!!What is a tens machine??
    Does it help with pain?? Take Care!! :>)

    Jeanne; You are from Ottawa Ontario, My sister lives there!!I will certainly give the gel and the creme a try.And the lemon foot bath.Believe me I will try anything at this point!!! Thaks so much!!Take Care!!:>)

    You Are ALL super people!!Thanks Again!!!:>)
    Hugzz and luv;