IN STYLE - the Shanghai way - jammies are cool!

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    LOL would it surprise you to know that many of us would not look out of place in what we might be wearing right this minute ...
    tho it may not last long if authorities have their way sadly, as they want to look up-to-date.

    Below is an excerpt, full article at
    Be sure to follow the link for the quilted and flannel PJs... some are pretty neat, LOL!


    The Pajama Game Closes in Shanghai

    Pajamas — not the sexy sleepwear you find at Victoria’s Secret, but loose-fitting, non-revealing PJs made of cotton or polyester — have been popular in Shanghai since the late 1970s, when Deng Xiaoping, then China’s leader, sought to modernize the economy and society by “opening up” to the outside world.

    The Chinese adopted Western pajamas without fully understanding their context. Most ... had never had any dedicated sleepwear other than old T-shirts and pants. And (Shanghainese) thought pajamas were a symbol of wealth and coolness.

    Shanghainese began wearing them to bed — but kept them on to walk around the neighborhood, mainly out of convenience. At that time in Shanghai, people lived in crammed, communal-style quarters in shikumen — low-rise townhouses in which families shared toilets and kitchens.

    Through the 1980s and ’90s, the average person had less than 10 square meters of living area. To change out of one’s pajamas just to walk across the road to the market would be too troublesome and unnecessary.

    Besides, as a retiree told a news reporter: “Pajamas are also a type of clothes. It’s comfortable, and it’s no big deal since everyone wears them outside.”

    ...Mr. and Mrs. Wang, who lived on the street where I grew up in Shanghai, used to stroll after dinner in their pajamas — nice matching costumes for a loving couple, now that I think about it. Then Mr. Wang would go out to buy cigarettes. In the mornings, Mrs. Wang, still in her pajamas, would dash to a street stall to pick up sheng jian (fried buns) for breakfast. "

    I know teens for a while were wearing flannel pj bottoms... don't think they are anymore...

    and sweatpants (too hot for summer anyway) are rarely considered cool
    (so I'm always looking for yoga pants, LOL)


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    Call me a slouch but Id like to see it become acceptable to wear pj's in public. Understanding they wouldnt be suitable for all places...but Id love to wear them when I have to go to walmart. Some do but I just cant. I will run to our bitty post ofc or to the bitty store here in town. Frankly, Ive seen some pj's that look better than what some wear. And some are just downright cute! Ok Ive had my say lol.
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    pajamas, to me, would do fine in public. Some of the sets I would not want to get caught in when going to bed.

    Some of the pajamas are almost elegant. I have to say, I would prefer seeing women and girls wearing these types of pajamas versus what I see on the street.

    I cannot believe the breasts I am forced to look at in public--from young to old, lol. I do not get why some girls and women feel compelled to dress in things that I thought (at one time) could be only purchased from Fredricks of Hollywood. I will not go into the the Fredricks of Hollywood sections in our local stores.
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    I totally agree about the public display of breasts. My mama always taught me to leave something to the imagination. DH likes me to "tramp it up" when we go out. And yet his favorite outfit of mine was this cute shirt that had cut outs on the shoulders. Remember those? It covered everything else. I loved it...but alas I have outgrowm it. Maybe it shrank in the dryer...