IN tears from legs pain. So bad nothing seems to ease pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

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    I am sitting her in tears , crying becaues my legs ache so deeply that the pain feels like it is deep in to my bones. I tried a hot bath but can't get the heat to where the pain is at. I would lay in boiling water iif it would mean that the heat would sink in to my bones. But all is would do is scald me and make more pain for me.

    Tonight is so bad. The day was so stressfull , Daughters baby shower, cranky grandson, cranky daughters all telling me how to get my grandson a drink and not let him walk around with it. And when I tried to take it away from him as not to spill it he got made and threw it on the floor and I still got yelled at about handing him a thin plastic cup with less than an ounce of juice in it. So there was not big mess to clean up.

    I got told that if I want my girls to be happy I need to watch what I do with the baby. AS I don't listen to my daughters {I listen to his monther not his anuties's.} And some how my two oldest daguthers seem to know more about raiseing a child and they don't have any of their own. ONe was a nanny and just came home after 5 years of being a nanny. But it seems to me that I know what is good for my grandson and I know how to take care of him and love hhim so I just want them all off of muy back, I will call his mom today and ask her if what I was doing upset her. IF not then the other two can back off.

    I am really getting sick and tired of having really bad low back that runs in my butt cheeks and then down to my legs and they now throb and make me want to scream. How can this be. MY low back is aching so mcuh and I want to just scream.

    I can't tell you the reason I am in so much pain other than some stress. I am just so sick of not being able to function with out pain. I am just sick of pain. It is ever eeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. kjfms

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    Goodness you certainly have had a hectic and nerve racking day haven't you. Sounds like you daughters need to be reminded that you are still their Mother -- doesn't and who better to do that than you ;)

    That is what my mother always does when my sister get a little too big for their britches.

    I am sorry you low back hurts so bad -- it kind of sounds like Sciatica have you been diagnosed with that by any chance?

    You might try some moist heat if you do not have one of those new heating pad with the moist heat just put towel in the washer (small load) run some hot water on it.

    Spin it and then fold it and then put it on your lower back it might help a little.

    Also when you are lying in bed put a pillow under your knees to take pressure off your lower back.

    Are you taking any kind of pain medication?

    Please get this checked out by your physician.

    I hope you feel better soon,

    Karen :)
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  3. monamea

    monamea New Member

    Rosemarie Good morning,

    First of all, isn't it something how our grownup children have forgotten who raised them! I also have a sister who has no children that thinks she knows everthing. I just ignore her and do what I know is best, ask the child's mother if you did anything wrong. If you didn't than tell her to tell your other daughter's to BACK OFF!

    Second of all, you need to go and see a Dr. about your leg pain, it could be caused by other things like P.A.D. or from blood clots. Are your legs swollen? I have Lymphedema and it causes a lot of pain. I have to wear TED socks and put my feet up above my heart when I can ( which is hard on a farm), I'm also on Lyrica and Wellbutrin which has helped some. Please have this checked out.
  4. NyroFan

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    Is it possible that your doc can give you something for the pain?

    I had such leg pain before being put on pain meds that I had to sit down about every half hour.

    I finally found a doc I could work with and have been seeing him for years. I have very little leg pain now (as long as I stay on the meds).

    Dry those tears and why not make a few appointments to see who can help you?

    Praying for you.

  5. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I'm so sorry to hear your adult children aren't acting like adults. Sadly it takes an experience such as what we go through to realize that there aren't many things in life worth making a fuss over. I'm 'The Daughter' and can tell you that I REALLY appreciate every ounce of help given. My mother in law tends to be very grabby & feels there is only one way to do things, so she is a different storey. Anyone who wants to give me sincere help is more than welcome to do so, and it sure sounds like you're helping from the heart. Especially with all the other things you're enduring.
    I get alot of the same pain you discribe, for me I only get relief with Percocet. Someone mentioned blood clots, which I also experienced a just over a year ago. The pain I endured with that was more like poison running through my viens & very apparent swelling. It's different for everyone, so if you're worried go get it checked. This lower back pain brings on a burning sensation which goes deep into the bone...well it feels that way & yes runs into my hips and down my legs. I do still wear full support stockings and find this helps as it puts pressure on everything. The higher strength you can handle the better. I wear 20-30 pressure. This will also ensure the best circulation possible. Good luck & go get something for the pain. You deserve to have a nice holiday. There's nothing worse than being around that when you're in pain!!!! It seems to increase it by a few notches for me. I hope you get some help ASAP, Stick to your guns! Laura
  6. puffy1

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    So sorry to hear of your legpain I have had that before and like you I tried everything to get it to stop even apple cider vinigar baths and empsom salt baths and your right it just doesn't get to where the pain is.

    I never asl for any pain pills other than the antin flamitory one like naproxen so I don't know if that helps.
    but I too would sit on the couch and cry at times becuse it would get so bad.

    Sorry I don't have any advice for you just sympathy.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  7. butterfly83

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    Rosemarie - Sounds like first we need to get rid of some of the stress. I would tell your daughters with their great advice that 1) Stress aggrevates your Fibro and they are causing you both stress and aggrevation, so back off. And 2) They can watch the child how they want, when its their turn, and you, who has raised several children and obviously would have some experience in the field, will take care of the child the way you and the baby's mother have discussed.

    Now for the leg pain - The shooting pain that starts in the lower back, and goes down your leg sounds like sciatica. I had that for a long long time, and tried many things to get rid of it, but the only thing that helped very quickly was acupunture. Within one session the sciatic was much better, and it lasts several months. I would recommend you trying that. I tried Chiropractors for months to try to fix it, and that didn't help at all.

    It sounds like you are describing two different kinds of leg problems aren't you? The first you described, the 'deep ache to the bone', is different then the other, right? What I am trying to relieve some of that same pain is a combination of Mirapex and Soma at night when the pain is at its worst, hot epsom salt baths where I gently stretch the muscles, and my Thermaphore heating pad which gives moist heat to the area (but I laughed when I read your quote of being willing to scald your legs in the hottest water to get relief. When I told my doctor my routine of wrapping up my legs in heating pads for an hour plus, he told me I had to stop roasting my legs. haha so I know what you mean. I told him I wouldn't have to roast them if they didn't hurt so badly).

    I hope some of this helps and you get some relief soon!
  8. darude

    darude New Member

    I read you post and you sound EXACTLY like me. My worst thing is the leg pain as it never quits. It's getting worse and worse and I'm not sure what to do. I have tried everything and nothing is working.
  9. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I noticed you live in the same city as me & was wondering if you've been to the Chronic Pain Clinic at the old Holy Cross Hospital downtown. I went last week for the first time & it's the first glimmer of hope I've had in the last 2 years. Laura
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