IN tears from legs pain. So bad nothing seems to ease pain

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    I am sitting her in tears , crying becaues my legs ache so deeply that the pain feels like it is deep in to my bones. I tried a hot bath but can't get the heat to where the pain is at. I would lay in boiling water iif it would mean that the heat would sink in to my bones. But all is would do is scald me and make more pain for me.

    Tonight is so bad. The day was so stressfull , Daughters baby shower, cranky grandson, cranky daughters all telling me how to get my grandson a drink and not let him walk around with it. And when I tried to take it away from him as not to spill it he got made and threw it on the floor and I still got yelled at about handing him a thin plastic cup with less than an ounce of juice in it. So there was not big mess to clean up.

    I got told that if I want my girls to be happy I need to watch what I do with the baby. AS I don't listen to my daughters {I listen to his monther not his anuties's.} And some how my two oldest daguthers seem to know more about raiseing a child and they don't have any of their own. ONe was a nanny and just came home after 5 years of being a nanny. But it seems to me that I know what is good for my grandson and I know how to take care of him and love hhim so I just want them all off of muy back, I will call his mom today and ask her if what I was doing upset her. IF not then the other two can back off.

    I am really getting sick and tired of having really bad low back that runs in my butt cheeks and then down to my legs and they now throb and make me want to scream. How can this be. MY low back is aching so mcuh and I want to just scream.

    I can't tell you the reason I am in so much pain other than some stress. I am just so sick of not being able to function with out pain. I am just sick of pain. It is this never ending pain that is really rearing me down. I don't know what To do. I have been to see my poctor is aware of this pain but don't know why it gets so abad. I just needd tome one to talk to . I HOPE I have not grossd out.
    I really am sorry about all the whinning I am doing now. I don't mean to

    I am going to try to sleep once more. I hope that this enver ending pain in legs, hips ad thighs and low back. I kow what I need is a way to help with this pain.
    Thanks for reading this post I wish at there was a way for my pain to be eased and heped.
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    My mom's FM has been relieved by taking enzymes. Walmart "Rexall" $7/200. She takes 6 tabs/day.

    Enzymes dissolve fibrin blockages and reduce inflammation. They also dissolve the isoprin bond that viruses use to attach to our DNA.

    If you have arthritis, some articles out there suggest that its really a virus. Pain meds don't cure arthritis. MSM and Chro[forgot it] help rebuild the collagen protien of the joints. Walmart and Sam's carries it real cheap.

    If this is a pinched nerve, a chiropractor might help. Also, if you lie down on a bed and have someone gently pull on your legs. If this helps, then it's relieving a pinched nerve. Valerian root helps relax tight muscles around a pinched nerve. Capsule or tea. It will make you sleepy.
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    Maybe it's time for your daughters to worry about making *you* happy, rather than you worrying about making them happy. You don't need any extra stress right now!

    I am dealing with back, butt and leg pain right now, too. I had x-rays taken on Thursday. I am taking Oxycontin, which is helping a lot. I figure it's less dangerous to take drugs than it is to stop moving around and just lie in bed all day.

    I hear you about the never-ending pain. Hang in there. Sending up a prayer for you...

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    I have the same pain. I had nerve blocks done on my back because of the chronic pain in back and going down right leg.

    I went to a pain management clinic that specialized in lower back pain. The nerve block lasts for about 6 months. It is a God send. I know the kind of pain that you are talking about.

    Now, for the issue with your 2 know-it-all daughters who don't have any children of their own, but feel they know more than you do.

    When they start to criticize how you are doing something and telling you how it should be done , simply say something like, "That sounds great, thanks for volunteering to do it" AND WALK AWAY.

    One of my life's lessons goes as follows:
    If you are volunteering to do something and someone criticizes you or tells you how YOU could be doing it so much better------------volunteer them to do it. Don't do it huffy, it is more effective when you agree with them and let them take over.

    You will be surprised how quickly they "backstroke".

    Who told you, "I got told that if I want my girls to be happy I need to watch what I do with the baby. "??????

    My suggestion is based upon the type of pain that you are indicating you have----
    Love your grandchild, but let the 3 of them take care of him. It won't take long for them to realize how lucky that they are to have such a loving grandmother who used to actually physically help----

    So love him to pieces and let them do the work!

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