In Thanks - to all of you

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Pilotwoman, May 20, 2002.

  1. Pilotwoman

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    Thank you God for the love you give
    For your strength in times of trouble.
    Thank you God for the joy we can live
    as we see this world with love and bubbles.

    The care of the people that post here
    is definitely sent from You.
    Thanks for the victories that they share
    when they look at their troubles anew.

    So many try in their own way to do what they think is best
    But if they look hard and on the alter lay
    They will see that their lives are blessed.

    You know, O God, what is in each heart,
    you know all before we share it.
    Sometimes when we don't understand one's fall
    We create "truths" or we either abandon.

    When someone needs help that is close to me
    I hope that you will let me know.
    For I'll go right to them and will try to see
    the truth as only he/she can unload.

    So many times in our lives we judge
    without even trying to see;
    We believe all the talk and the "friends" words above
    The truth only the person can guarantee.

    Help me O God as we lay down our heads
    to keep to thyself true.
    To forgive all the "uglies" that were conveyed or said
    and to hold to the light of You.

    They still don't see the reflection in the mirror real well -
    They are so sure what they say is TRUE
    They mean to help as they think I'm in hell
    but the truth of the matter is I'm with YOU.

    So now O God please bless this day and all of the ones who are here.
    Let them know that your peace is always
    and never to disappear.

    With great love to all of you....known and unknown....spoken and not spoken.....for you hide behind your names and that's okay....just know that I hold you dear.

    Through the peace of the Spirit,
  2. Harmony

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    That is such a beautiful poem! Did you write it?
    I too thank the Lord for everyone he has led to this Board and the love that is shown here.

    We have a great God we serve and it is through His love for us that we have something to share.

    Welcome to this Board! I don't believe we have ever met. It's nice to have you here and hope to hear from you again.

    God bless you for your encouraging words.
    Love, Harmony